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Free Palworld External Cheat | Palhax Mod Menu

UNDETECTED Free Palworld External Cheat

 Last Version: 03/03/2024

 Developers: Suchi96

Free Palworld External Cheat is the brand new trainer for the game to use in a lobby with your friends, and gain access to many features that make you an unstoppable pal collector, such as spawning pals and editing their values.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, you should know that Palworld is the latest booming multiplayer, open-world, survival game where you collect fluffy creatures called “Pals” in a vast world, just like Pokémon! You can make your Pals fight, build, farm, and work in factories. You can also explore the Palpagos Islands, battle various factions, and craft weapons and structures.

free palworld external cheat

What Is the Free Palworld External Cheat?

But what if you want to have more fun and freedom in Palworld? What if you want to access features and abilities that are normally locked or restricted? And that is exactly where the Free Palworld External Cheat comes in. This cheat is a simple to use .exe that modifies the game data and gives you advantages over other players. With this cheat, you can:

  • See through walls and objects with the ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) feature. This allows you to locate Pals, enemies, resources, and items easily. You can also customize the ESP settings to suit your preferences
  • Fly and teleport across the map with the movement feature. This enables you to move faster and reach places that are normally inaccessible. You can also avoid obstacles and enemies with ease
  • Spawn any item or Pal you want with the inventory feature. This lets you create and use any weapon, structure, or decoration you desire. You can also summon any Pal you want and add it to your collection

These are just some of the features that the Free Palworld External Cheat offers. There are many more features that you can discover and experiment with. The cheat is easy to download and use, and it works with the latest version of the game right out of the box. But if external hacks aren’t your jam, you can always check out another Free Palworld Internal Cheat.

free palworld external cheat

How to Use the Free Palworld External Cheat?

Information before installing the hack:

  • If you are the host, all options will work (HOST DOES NOT NEED SPOOF POSITION ON)
  • The dev also added non host features (some of them have ** at the end which means you need to enable Spoof Position for these features to work!)
  • Spoof Position just stops networking your character movement
  • Server: dude chills in his base
  • Client : killing spree across the map

NOTE: before using Passive Skills Array, make sure to create a backup of your world save because it can get corrupted: \Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Packages\PocketpairInc.Palworld_ad4psfrxyesvt\SystemAppData\wgs

Dupe pals works like this: put pal you want to dupe in team slot1 then press get Pal Slot1 now swap the pal with one you dont need/care about then press Set Pal Slot1 to overwrite the pal.


To get started simply do the following:

  1. Download the Free Palworld External Cheat files clicking on the download button below and starting the download process
  2. Launch the game (windowed or borderless)
  3. Start the hack by running the .exe file
  4. Use the following keybinds to interact with the menu: (Insert = OpenClose / Delete = ExitCheat, can be changed in config)
  5. Enjoy!

As you can see, the Free Palworld External Cheat is the ultimate tool for enhancing your gameplay experience. It allows you to enjoy the game in new and exciting ways, and it gives you an edge over other players. Whether you want to have more fun or show off your hacks, the cheat can help you achieve your goals.

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    not working – it says the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable

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