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Free Pixel Strike 3D Hack – PS3D Cheat Engine 7.4

UNDETECTED Free Pixel Strike 3D Hack

 Last Version: 22/10/2022

 Developers: AdaNan

Free Pixel Strike 3D Hack for PC

In this article, I showed you how to make Free Pixel Strike 3D Hack for PC. The features of the Pixel Strike 3D cheat are very simple but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. As you know, the Pixel Strike 3D cheat is hard to find. That’s why you can get the upper hand in the game even with this simple cheat.

I have good news for you. I spoke to the maker and he said he will bring more features (*edit maker added new features). In the video below it’s fast fire only so the bullets fire with no cooldown and there’s unlimited ammo. But let me know that the recoil feature will be unavailable soon.

Free Pixel Strike 3D Hack for PC works with cheat engine but if you need an easier Free Pixel Strike 3D Hack | External Cheat please check this thread.

pixelstrike3d hack
Free Pixel Strike 3D Hack | PS3D PC Cheat v2.0

free pixel strike 3d hack for pc

Features of Free Pixel Strike 3D Hack for PC

  • Name ESP
  • No Clip
  • No Recoil
  • No Spread
  • Rapid Fire
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Rotate Gravity
  • HP Regen (works only on bots)
  • No Damage (works only on bots)
  • One Hit Kill (works only on bots)
  • Freezing Enemies (works only on bots)
  • Freeze Fly + Jump (hotkey: Z – On / Off) – then press spacebar many times
  • Speed Hack (If you start this function first time, just double mouse left click on the box. After that the hotkeys will work and you can use it) Hotkeys: double click on Q – On / double click on E – Off

How to change your nickname: Start Pixel Strike 3D –> Start Cheat Engine –> Select game process –> Value Type select: String and UTF-16 –> In the Text field, write your nickname and click First Scan –> Your nickname will appear in the left field –> Move your name to the bottom field –> Change Value: (Your name to another. You can also use an emoji instead of a nickname from – emojidb) –> Done (or watch the video if you don’t understand anything)

How to use – Free Pixel Strike 3D Hack for PC

  1. Start Pixel Strike 3D Game
  2. Start Cheat Engine
  3. Select game process
  4. Put your CT file in Cheat Engine
  5. Change original Fire and Ammo value to Modified Rapid Fire and Ammo (look image)
  6. Click on the boxes or not click (signatures have already changed)
  7. Done

Developer Note for Free Pixel Strike 3D Cheat for PC:

Hey. I found some signatures for Pixel Strike 3D and made CT file for Cheat Engine.

Cheat Engine:
Infinite ammo
Infinite Rapid Fire Rate
Make sure you have cheat engine installed

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  1. 138146

    Mega says the file doesn’t exist, please update and patch everything

  1. 241217

    how do u use it……

  2. 241217

    how do u use it…

  3. 111134

    What image are you talking about bro? I dont see anything

  4. 74610

    how to use cheat
    i mean run the exe and the game right??
    plz answer me as fast as u can

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