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Free PUBG Steam Cheat ESP, Aimbot, RageBot Features 2023


 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: zer0

This Free PUBG Steam Cheat is UNDETECTED and ready to offer you all their features! A new ESP, Aimbot, RageBot and other functions. You can use the cheat menu without any problems and everything is explained in english. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional player, Free PUBG Steam Hack is perfect for everyone.

PUBG Cheat also has an hack menu with which you can enable or disable various functions. Currently there are of Features “Aimbot, ESP, RageBot, etc.” that you can use to get better in the game. In this post we have integrated screenshots from our own test account. Simply play through the cheat and read what functions are active and how to activate them.

free pubg steam cheat

Importance of ESP and Aimbot Features – Free PUBG Steam Cheat:

Legit Aimbot; Thanks to the Free Pubg Cheat feature, your opponents will never understand that you are cheating and you will avoid being reported. It is almost impossible to get a ban as long as you feel the right rate of bounce and hit skill to your opponents and game officials watching you during enemy fire.

Rage Aimbot; It is a DANGEROUS feature that allows you to lock onto your opponents faster and target them no matter the distance. This feature will allow you to be detected faster thanks to the Report system of the PUBG game and will ban you in a short time. (If you use this feature, you will inevitably be banned.)

ESP; It offers you the feature of easily detecting the locations of your enemies hidden behind Objects or walls  in the game. Using this feature prominently will easily reveal your identity by the game officials and your dead enemies watching you, so it’s only a matter of time before you get banned from the game.

free pubg steam cheat

Features of Free PUBG Steam Cheat:

  • Legit Aimbot Features
  • Rage Aimbot – (ban risk very high)
  • ESP Features

How to use this Free PUBG Steam Cheat:

  1. Extract all the zer0.rar into a folder of your choice
  2. Run login.exe and login before pubg game running
  3. Launch PUBG Game
  4. Run yy.exe in match of PUBG Game (Do not run yy.exe in lobby)
  5. Wait for 5 seconds in Pubg Steam game

!!! ATTENTION – Free PUBG Steam Cheat !!!

We always recommend that you do not use cheats on your own main account. There is a possibility that you will be banned from the PUBG server after using the cheat. If this happens, it is not certain that you will recover your account. Therefore, we recommend that you first create a new account if you want to go the riskier way and use cheats on your main account.

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  1. 184767

    what? you copy my files and program then spread about false ban msg…

    my github :link deleted

  2. 184680

    the program is fixed, when i enable yy.exe, pubg is exited

  3. 184718

    I just started yy.exe and my pubg suddenly crashes or forcecloses

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