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Free SkinChanger Hack for Fortnite – SaturnSwapper v2.0.2

UNDETECTED Free SkinChanger Hack for Fortnite

 Last Version: 08/01/2023

 Developers: Tamely

Today we will talk about one of the Best Free SkinChanger Hack for Fortnite, namely the SaturnSwapper for Fortnite. Using this cheat you can change the appearance of your character, get any skins for free with quick installation. In this hack on Fortnite is a handy user interface created on the basis of HTML, and the entire server part built on the language C#

About SaturnSwapper:

SaturnSwapper is currently one of the best Free SkinChanger Hack for Fortnite, with the help of which you can get any skins for free in just a few seconds.

free skinchanger hack for fortnite

SaturnSwapper provides you the ability to change appearance, which will look different from your opponents. You will become unique in the epic game Fortnite Battle Royale. This program has a clear and simple interface that makes it understandable for each player and user. With the help of multifunctional program all work processes are performed very easy, and you just need to customize the settings in accordance with your requirements.

How to use Free SkinChanger Hack for Fortnite:

  1. Download SaturnSwapper on Fornite from Cheatermad.com website
  2. Get the key to activate – GET THE KEY (to contribute to the developer just click the link and follow a few conditions, nothing complicated)
  3. Saturn.exe as administrator
  4. HaveFun 🙂
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User-friendly interface;

free skinchanger hack for fortnite

SaturnSwapper v2.02 Updated Logs:

What’s New?

  • QOL Changes.
    • When entering a key, spaces don’t get sent to the API anymore
    • When in the installer screen, the screen can’t scroll anymore
  • Added an API caching system so the API doesn’t go down anymore (hopefully)

How Do I Download?

  • Install the prerequisites listed below
  • Download the attached file and extract it to a folder
  • Run the exe in the new folder


What Do I Do If There Is An Issue?

  • If there is an error in the swapper itself, send your log (%localappdata%/Saturn/Logs/Saturn.log) in support with the template in Support Template and provide context for what happened. NOTE: If you don’t use the template, you will be ignored. If you don’t care enough to use the template, support doesn’t care enough to help you.

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Comments (4)

  1. 185706

    when i download it from the site updown ninja it says watting how do i fix it

    • 68189

      I doubt this cheat is still functional so I wouldn’t go throught the trouble of installing it but for your interest, you have to disable your Adblocker then click on any ad, then cope the link from the ad and finally paste it in the dedicated box. After that your download will start.

  2. 136169

    if i use the cheat will get banned?
    and can they see my skin?

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