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Free Star Citizen Cheat – NightCity Menu v0.8

UNDETECTED Free Star Citizen Cheat - NightCity Menu v0.4

 Last Version: 06/12/2022

 Developers: Acetopy & NightFyre

Free Star Citizen Cheat is the Best Star Citizen Hack with features including Teleport Hack, Infinite Ammo, NoClip, Rapid Fire and many other functions

Star Citizen is a First Person Shooter Massively Multiplayer Online game with beautiful graphics which is also a space trading and combat simulation game that can be played with your friends. The goal of the game is to create a universe of your dreams. You can design, build and create it however you want and just do whatever you want in it.

But like I said, the game is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, meaning that creating a universe isn’t the only main point of the game. The fact that you can go around and explore that universe with your friends and just enjoy the beautiness of it.

With these insanely over powered (OP) features, you can easily dominate your enemies, get to places very quickly using the teleportation function and many other things that you can do using the miscellaneous features.

Free Star Citizen Cheat – Features & Controls


  • No Clip
  • Rapid Fire
  • No Overheat (SpaceShip Weapons)
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Teleport Player

  • NO CLIP is pretty much a requirement when wanting to teleport , move around in space.
  • If your space suit thrusters end up engaging , you will need to return to a place with gravity before being able to teleport again.
  • For XYZ Tab , to use the sliders make sure you have No Clip enabled and enabled COORDS.

19 34 screenshot

How to Use Free Star Citizen Cheat [.dll]

  1. Download Free Star Citizen Cheat down below
  2. Extract the hack’s files from the RAR archive using an archive extractor
  3. Launch Star Citizen as normal , sit at the Main Menu
  4. Run an injector of your choice (You can find many on our website: https://cheatermad.com/injectors)
  5. Select StarCitizen as the target application
  6. Select “NightCity.dll” as the target dll
  7. Inject
  8. Focus StarCitizen and press the “HOME” button
  9. A messagebox will popup behind the star citizen window letting you know the injection process has begun.
  10. Wait at the main menu until you get a second message box prompt telling you that the injection is complete.
  11. At this point the menu has been injected , go ahead and load into Persistent Universe
  12. Enable the menu once you spawn

nightcity 1

How to use Free Star Citizen Hack [Cheat Engine/.CT]

You will find below detailed instructions on how to use Star Citizen properly; it is imperative that you follow these instructions in their entirety and in the prescribed order. Please click the download button that may be found below in order to obtain the Free Star Citizen Hack. Simply go to the website that is officially associated with the cheat engine to get the most recent version.

  1. Start the game, and then wait for it to load the main menu.
  2. Start the cheat engine, which will give you the ability to include the Free Star Citizen Cheat table into the game.
  3. If you want the features to operate, you need to make sure that Box is chosen.
  4. Note: Please make sure to follow the ProTip that has been provided below and make your cheat engine
  5. Have a good time with your Free Star Citizen Hack!

Other Information about Free Star Citizen Cheat

Coords Grabber Source and Assistant: Github Feel free to contribute teleport locations of Free Star Citizen Cheat with the included CoordsGrabber files in the
“dev-contributor” folder

Brief Descriptions:
grab player coordinates and print to console

  • Press Numpad 9 to read current player position coordinates and output to console

Coords Grabber Assistant
Tests coords and outputs a clean log

  • Input X, Y, Z coordinates and Test.
  • Log working coordinates if you teleport to the position as desired from anywhere in Stanton.

13 21 screenshot

Free Star Citizen Cheat – Changelog


Bug Fixes and improvements:
Coords Grabber and Coords Grabber Assistant recieved major updates , please contribute in finding teleport locations. Once we have ship coordinates we will be able to deliver things immediately. Currently we can get just about anywhere , and call in our ship to get the materials on board.

  • HUR-L3 Thunderbird Express
  • HUR-L4 Melodic Fields
  • HUR-L5 High Course Station
  • ARC-L1 Wide Forest
  • MIC-L1 Shallow Frontier

Developer Notes

Patch 3.15 is releasing soon along with EAC integration. I figure I might as well release this and let everybody have some fun with it while its still working.
Huge shoutout to Hithoseletrium, His cheat table and working with him is what brought about this menu. I only take credit for SpaceWalker , which allows the player to walk in space.
Infinite Ammo was something a friend helped me discover.
Coordinates and teleporting is a the product of work between me , Hithoseletrium and our friend.

This was a really good learning experience for me and is probably one of my more sophisticated and interactive cheats I’ve released to date. I don’t mess with anti cheat , so don’t expect any updates to this whatsoever. What you see , is probably all you’ll get.

You’ll find that I have linked a github source for the coords grabber and assistant , however … I will not be making this cheat open source. I’m hoping I might be able to bypass EAC and continue using it . Releasing source code for a cheat on a modern game is just counter productive to me. Anyways , hope you enjoy the Free Star Citizen Cheat

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