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Free Valorant Cheat External Wallhack + New Source Code 2023

SOURCE Free Valorant Cheat External Wallhack

 Last Version: 22/09/2022

 Developers: Veteleanu00

Free Valorant Cheat External Wallhack is an open source project of a very good Valorant Hack that contains various features including Aimbot as well as Visual features such as ESP and many more!

This Free Valorant Cheat Source is absolutely perfect for people that have some programming experience with C++. Especially if they are looking for a starter project with which they can start their own Valorant Hack and even improve it by adding more and more features in it.

At the end, all that has to be done is being compiled and that is should very easy and simple as the project already has a ready solution file that you can launch and and configure as much as you want as long as you do not actually break the build config haha!

Features of Free Valorant Cheat External Wallhack


  • 2D Box
  • Cornered Box
  • SnapLines
  • Distance
  • HealtBar

Why Use an Open Source Project? | Free Valorant Cheat External Wallhack

Like I briefly mentioned above, there are actually obviously many reasons why should just go for open source projects instead of binary files that almost all Valorant Cheats and Hacks come with.

First of it being that you can make completely sure that the cheat itself is completely safe. You can easily do this by checking the files of the project in a code editor or an IDE like Visual Studio. Even if you have some of idea of what C++ code looks like, you should easily be able to recognize what malware code and what safe code looks like.

free valorant cheat external wallhack

Other than that, you can also constantly update the project tailored for your needs, meaning that you can just add new features that you want and even update the hack without relying on anyone. For examples in cases of the offsets being outdated, you can just update the offsets file in the Free Valorant Cheat Source Project and you are good to go.

Or you can just make the hack undetected again if you notice that Riot tapped the default driver provided in this source. But clearly, if you do not know anything about programming, you might have some hard time.

How to Build and Use the Free Valorant Cheat External Wallhack

Since we cannot explain every detail of how you can actually build this, because of the amount of configuration that you device might require if you have an outdated version of Visual Studio Developers Tools or a mismatching version of the .Net framework. So, here some simplified steps to get started using this Free Valorant Hack Source; Click Here

How to Use – Free Valorant Cheat External Wallhack ?

  • Step 1) Close Game (if game is running)
  • Step 2) Click a LoadDriver.bat
  • Step 3) Start The Valorant game
  • Step 4) Open Valorant.exe and enjoy 🙂

Github: Click Here

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  1. 189394

    Works For Me 😀

  1. 200212

    pls can someone add on discord and help me compile this file im noob

  2. 195273

    offsets updated?

  3. 193238

    Update please

  4. 190614

    is it work at win11?

  5. 77412

    bro i cant even dowload it

  6. 190343

    just crash my pc when i open loaddriver

  7. 148809

    doesent work win 11

  8. 189394

    Works For Me 😀

  9. 190343

    pls can anyone write a tutorial

  10. 190204

    Can anyone give me a ready file ?

  11. 190289

    what should the driver say if it loads correctly?

  12. 190113

    can anybody send a tutorial video

  13. 190238

    Can you send me the software directly, VRC I am a Chinese player.#3204 This is my discord. thank you

  14. 158211

    Didn’t worked for me i builded the file did everything like said but didn’t worked

  15. 188939

    Hi i cant build it because of some errors
    i downloaded windows sdk but i dont know what requirement i should add in visual studio
    i downloaded desktop dev with c++ and universal win plat and game dev with c++
    do i need to download another driver or what pls someoen with dev knowledge tell me

  16. 179508

    I dont have a “Solution file”
    Pls help!

  17. 190271

    how do i do for the visual studio i dont understand

  18. 116522

    Best cheat as right now .

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