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Free Valorant SkinChanger 2022 | All Skin Mod

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 Last Version: 21/04/2022

 Developers: colinhartigan

Free Valorant SkinChanger is a piece of tool that lets you quickly change your skins without having to use the inventory panel in-game

On top of that it is an open soure web application making the whole thing a thousand times safer to use as you can just look at the source code on github to make sure it is completely safe to run on your windows device. Plus it is written with Python and JavaScript so you do not have to have a good knowledge of programming to understand what it says.

We all know that Riot’s inventory tab in Valorant is absolutely a pain in the ass to use. That is why people colinhartigan came up with a way to be able to change your skins without even having to touch the ingame inventory section and select your skins. To be honest it is quite sad that a multi million company such as Riot Games cannot even make a simple skin system where users aren’t satisfied.

But Free Valorant SkinChanger is not the kind of tool you were looking for, you can always find more on our Valorant Cheats and Hacks page where you will be able to find programs that are a thousand times better than this. Cheats with Aimbot, Wallhack and ESP can be easily found on our website.

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free valorant skinchanger 2022 | all skin mod

free valorant skinchanger 2022 | all skin mod

Free Valorant SkinChanger | Tutorial

How to use Free Valorant SkinChanger

  1. Download the latest version of the program from our website or from the official developer’s github page
  2. Navigate to your downloads directory and extract the files from the RAR archive if the downloaded file is a compressed archive
  3. Open the folder where you have extracted the EXE file and run VIM.exe
  4. Launch Valorant if you have not already
  5. Open web client: https://colinhartigan.github.io/valorant-inventory-manager/ (here you can manage game skins)
  6. Enjoy and have fun being able to easily switch between your skins

More information on the website of the developer: Github

If you want to support it or join Discord server

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Comments (12)

Popular Comments
  1. 68189

    Just like AZOLK said this is not a skin unlocker, it just lets you swap betwen the skins you already own.

  1. 185717

    Thx worket but banned 3 days latter

  2. 183506

    SAD i thought it was a sskinnnnnchangaaaaaaaa

  3. 96967

    ahh i thought it was a skinchanger not an skin changer but you have to have the skins to change i aint wasting no money on this game so this wont work for me 🙁

  4. 122226

    is it still works after the update?

  5. 184026

    skin options are not visible on the site

  6. 68189

    Just like AZOLK said this is not a skin unlocker, it just lets you swap betwen the skins you already own.

  7. 123833

    this is not a skin changer just a inventory changer you cant have your dream skin in game you can add skin in you collection but ingame dont see it and have the default skins

  8. 143847

    omg i was always looking for this

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