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Free Vehicle Legends Script

UNDETECTED Free Vehicle Legends Script

 Last Version: 18/05/2021

 Developers: xDuky

Welcome to Free Vehicle Legends Script!

Choose from multiple cars and helicopters and start your journey up the hill! The more maps you travel and race, the more money you earn! With the money you earn, you can buy better vehicles! You can make a car show, improve your cars, and more!


  • New Planes! (Available at the Aircraft Gallery, near your birthplace, on the beach, towards the racetrack)
  • Jumper Stunt Plane!
  • Jumper X!
  • Zeitaku Deluxo Jet!
  • Cars no longer get stuck at the beginning of races!
  • Bug Fixes!


  • Get All Materials

How to Use:

  • Go to the Garage and Execute the Script!

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Comments (2)

  1. 16145

    how it works

  2. 23854

    Could you send a video for more clarification of how to do this?

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