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Free Way of the Hunter Cheat v2.0 | Money Hack, ESP & More

UNDETECTED Free Way of the Hunter Cheat

 Last Version: 21/04/2024

 Developers: TheGeogeo

Free Way of the Hunter Cheat is the way to go for all Way of the Hunter fans if they are looking for an easy way of becoming better in the game through various cheat features with the help of a trainer cheat such as ESP and speedhack, godmode, and many more.

What Can You Do With The Free Way of the Hunter Cheat?

So if you wanna learn more about what the hack does in detail, here’s a quick overview. If you are new in the cheating scene, one of the features of this hack is that is the feature called ESP 3D box. This makes it easier to see animals in the game by putting a box around them. There is also an ESP circle, which draws a circle around the animals so you can find them fast. Another neat feature is the ESP distance. It tells you how far away the animals are.

Apart from the main feature ESP of the free cheat, there are many more misc features which you can see a full list of right below. One of these features is for example money hack, which makes it so that you have infinite amount of money in the game that does not decrease, making it possible for you to buy anything or any upgrade in the game. Among other features like speed hack, making you faster or godmode which gives you infinite health, these features are the ultimate super powers you need to become extremely good in the game.

free way of the hunter cheat

How to Use The Free Way of the Hunter Cheat

  1. Before doing anything, make sure to download the hack by clicking on the download button below
  2. After that, extract the .zip archive that has been downloaded into a directory on your PC
  3. Run Way Of The Hunter via Steam
  4. Make sure that WayOfTheHunter-internal.dll and WayOfTheHunter-internal-Injector.exe are in the same folder, and run WayOfTheHunter-internal-Injector.exe with admin rights
  5. That’s it! Enjoy and have fun!

Free Way of the Hunter Cheat Cheat Features

  • v1:
    • ESP 3D box
    • ESP circle
    • ESP distance
    • AIM No sway
    • MISC infinite health
  • v2:
    • MISC Add money
    • MISC Speed hack
    • FIX MISC infinite health (causing some crash)
  • v3:
    • MISC Rapid fire

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