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Frick Engine | Undetected CE for GTA 5 and More


 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Starring

Frick Engine is a undetected version of the official Cheat Engine that has been modified to make it bypass many anti-cheats including GTA 5 Online, probably the best game that you can use game hacking tools like Cheat Engine.

But most of tools like that prove useful since decent triple A games have decent anti cheat systems that will block you from using tools like that, well they will possible ban your account for attempting to manipulate the game. And this is what this Frick Engine is for, with this you can bypass that Cheat Engine check and use it in games safely and do not worry about it at all.

frick engine

How to Use Frick Engine

  1. Download the engine from our website
  2. Extract to the folder of your liking
  3. Launch the game, GTA 5 or any that you want
  4. Open the engine and select the game’s process from the top left-hand corner
  5. Enjoy cheating!

Join the dev’s server if you need support or want to support the dev: https://discord.gg/Ag2WJCNR

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  1. 183138

    what in the cheat engine paste 💀

  1. 219778

    does this work against the kernel anti cheats

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