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Friday the 13th The Game Cheat – Trainer F13

UNDETECTED Friday the 13th The Game Cheat

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: flynn1

You can get unlimited Free cheats by downloading the free Friday the 13th The Game Cheat – Trainer F13. Download the complete version of Friday the 13th: The Game here. This Friday the 13th: The Game Trainer that has all of its features, including the unlocking of unlimited mods, tried and tested.

If you have recently purchased the Friday the 13th The Game video game from steam and are finding it difficult to complete the Friday the 13th The Game missions, then you are not the only one having these difficulties. We are aware that the most recent games are extremely challenging and difficult to advance in. Even in the easiest difficulty setting, it takes a significant amount of time to complete each mission.

The Friday the 13th The Game Cheat that has been tested and is functional has now been uploaded by our team. which you are able to implement on pre-existing game configurations.

Installation of Friday the 13th The Game Cheat (Step 1):

You must have game fully unpaked to use the Friday the 13th Cheat:

  1. Download the unpaker: (for download click here)
  2. Unzip in any place, run quickbms_4gb_files.exe
  3. Select f13.bms, then select F13Game\SummerCamp\Content\Paks\SummerCamp-WindowsNoEditor.pak, then select as output root F13 folder (F13Game)
  4.  You should see in the console window this: “- please insert the content for the variable KEY:”
    then you should type 0 and press Enter
  5. The unpaking process shoud start, if you will see in console something like “The following output file already exists Do you want to overwrite it?”, then type “a” and press Enter
  6. Wait for the unpaking process, it may require a long time to unpack depends on your disk’s read/write performance.
  7. When it finished, you go to F13Game\SummerCamp\Content and remove Paks folder
  8. Unpaking done.

friday the 13th cheat trainer

Installation the Friday the 13th The Game Cheat (Step 2):

  1. Make sure you have did Step 1 completed!
  2. Download Friday the 13th: The Game Trainer Cheat from the download button below.
  3. Unzip SummerCamp folder into F13 root game folder, for any ask of replacing press YES.
  4. Done. You can run the game from Steam (menu on F7)



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  1. 360527

    damn I literally wasted my time on pak part then i n the end when I pressed f7 it’s not even f****** working

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