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Genshin Impact Rapid Fire Hack Free Download 2021

OUTDATED Genshin Impact Rapid Fire Hack Free Download 2021

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: dfgpo3

Genshin Impact Rapid Fire Hack is an easy to use & install, free to download one-feature cheat for Genshin Impact which lets you attack very fast

“But what kind of advantages does this Rapid Fire / Fast Attack brings to you?” you may ask, which would be a fair question if you are new to using cheats or new to the Genshin Impact game itself.
Well with this hack feature it becomes quite easy to defeat enemies as your attacks pretty much start to one shot them. And with that in mind, you do not have to worry about them hitting and recieving damage.

How to Use Genshin Impact Rapid Fire Hack

The installation process is just like the usual, just follow these simple steps to get your hack working and enjoy the greatness of it!

  1. Go ahead and Download Genshin Impact Rapid Fire Hack itself which is compressed in a rar archive
  2. Extract the exe file from the archive and paste it wherever you want on your computer
  3. Start Genshin Impact
  4. Navigate to the directory where you extracted the cheat
  5. Run it
  6. Now just relax and enjoy your satisfying rapid attacks 🙂
  • Keybind: RapidFire (ON OFF) – X

Developer Notes

Greetings to all readers, today I found a new Genshin Impact Rapid Fire Hack for myself, and because I have been playing Genshin Impact, I think it’s great for you all.

I also want to say at the expense of the minuses of this function, there are 2 minuses:

  1. With long use, if you beat someone, the FPS will decrease (the problem is that a million particles will spawn and they will not be divided)
  2. Because I don’t I was able to adequately get a pointer to this address, I had to do it with a crutch, and mobs can shoot / hit when using rapid fire just like you (I hope I can figure it out or someone will help me)


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  1. 93718

    it’s fresh all time?

  1. 93718

    the enemy always fast (kill my)

  2. 93718

    it’s very very fast can you do a little slowly?

  3. 115226

    not work to me it say 1 and 0 in cmd

  4. 93718

    it’s fresh all time?

  5. 93718

    the voice it’s gone

  6. 80401

    its to bad man i can use skill after use that

  7. 19244

    Make sure you press X to activate the Rapid Fire!

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