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Ghost Watchers Cheat | ESP, Teleport & More 2023

UNDETECTED Ghost Watchers Cheat

 Last Version: 24/11/2022

 Developers: ghostdialer

Ghost Watchers Cheat is the amazing and the packed Unity cheat for the brand new released ghost exploring game Ghost Watchers. This Hack for Ghost Watchers contain an insane amount of features including stuff like ESP, Teleport Hack and even Inifinite Money as well as Experience Hack.

If you bought the game, after a bit  of playing you might have realized gets a bit boring once you have started earning and collecting stuff, that is why the awesome developer of this software has developed the Ghost Watchers Cheat, for you to escape the boringness of the game and start having fun again.

As we do for most of the Cheats and Hacks for Many Games that we present for on this website, you can find a full list of features down below of this article.

ghost watchers cheat

Ghost Watchers Cheat | Features

  • ESP
  • Ghost
  • Player
  • House

  • Ghost ESP [Box, Label, Bones, Distance, Footprints]
  • Player ESP [Box, Label, Bones, Distance]
  • Cursed Item [Label]
  • House Items [Labels, Distance]

  • Make ghost appear
  • Teleport ghost to you
  • Random Action
  • Make Noise
  • (Toggle) Ghost stays ontop of you
  • Ghost Information

  • Give Money & Exp (1000 per click) Note: You need to do this in game and leave via truck
  • Set Host (Should change host ingame to you, untested)
  • Unlock Achievements (All steam achievements for the game)
  • Toggle Flying (w to fly)
  • Brightlight Note: This changes the light intensity for the house lights and spotlight
  • Player Information

  • Open all doors
  • (Toggle) Keep all doors open
  • Turn on/off all lights
  • (Toggle) Keep lights on or off
  • Turn all faucets/taps on or off

How to Use the Ghost Watchers Cheat

  1. First, download the cheat (from down below) as well as the SharpMono injector in order to use the cheat
  2. Once that is done, run the game Ghost Watchers from Steam
  3. Run the injector
  4. Select Process and browse to the assembly to inject (GhostWatchers.dll)
  5. Use the following settings.. — Namespace: GhostWatchers — Class name: Loader — Method name: init
  6. Press inject
  7. Press INS [Insert] to show the menu
  8. Enjoy and have fun!

Developer Note:

Sorry for all of the uploads, V3-V4 will be the final ones, and V4 wont come for some time. This completes what I set out to do, and adds a common mistake file.

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