Good Company Trainer


 Version: v1.2

 Developers: wh0am15533

Good Company Trainer

This is shall I say a ‘Unlocker’? It Rebuilds the Developer Console. On build the dev’s stripped a bunch of key code to initialize and load the console. This rebuilds it and enables it, plus I went further and made it print all commands instead of just having to search for the fuckers. It’s a nice simple little game, with some great programming behind it. Please support them if you enjoy it.


Unlocker is Doorstop and/or BepInEx compatible. Just drop it in the appropriate folder. Menu will be shown automatically when the game loads Good Company Trainer.

If using BepInEx, make sure to check the BepInEx.cfg and make sure the Assembly line is ‘UnityEngine.dll’ and NOT ‘UnityEngine.CoreModule.dll’, since this game uses a legacy version of Unity.
If using standalone injector, use the following settings:
Namespace is ‘GoodCompanyTrainer’
Class is ‘Loader’
method is ‘Init’


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