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Grand Chase Classic Cheat Table and Bypass 2021

UNDETECTED Grand Chase Classic Cheat Table 2021

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: LucasGSK & Jason & Deoxids

Grand Chase Classic Cheat Table 2021

Grand Chase Classic Cheat Table has features like Ban Bypass, One Hit, Auto Kill, Item Spawn, Monster Vac. You can download this hack free on our website.

About Grand Chase Classic

Grand Chase is a two-way, side-scrolling freestyle MMORPG developed by Korean company KOG Studios. Alternative names for Grand Chase include Three Young Heroes, Eternal Adventures, which were both used in Taiwan prior to its closure, as well as Rainbow Warriors on the Mainland China server.

The game was originally released for Korea in 2003. After becoming a huge hit, the game spread to most countries in Asia, America and Europe. Grand Chase broke the record for the most played online game in Brazil and won the “Most Popular Online Game” award in Indonesia in 2011.

In 2015, the original game ceased development and ended service worldwide, with the Korean server being the last to close. Elsword, another game developed by KOG, was created as a spiritual successor to Grand Chase. In 2018, the main game received an official sequel in the form of the Grand Chase: Dimensional Chaser mobile game. A spin-off that borrows a few characters and is set in a parallel universe, KurtzPel, is currently in Early Access on Steam.

KOG also announced the relaunch of the PC game in 2021, now called Grand Chase Classic, which is currently in closed beta testing.

Grand Chase Classic Cheat Table – Installation
  1. Download the Grand Chase Classic cheat table by clicking on the red download button which can be found under this post
  2. Extract the cheat table from the rar archive by using the rar password under the download button
  3. Download Cheat Engine -> https://www.cheatengine.org/
  4. Open Cheat Engine from the file with the hacks
  5. Open Grand Chase and wait until you reach the “Server Selection” screen
  6. Go back to Cheat Engine and select the computer icon (Upper left corner) and then select the game
  7. Activate Bypass FIRST and then activate the hacks you want to use (Checking the boxes next to each function)
  8. Enjoy the cheat 🙂
Grand Chase Classic Cheat Table – Features
  • Bypass – Important! Always enable it first and don’t disable it!
  • One Hit – After activating it, don’t deactivate, as the GC will crash!
  • Super Armor – Increased Armor (Prevents from being dropped even in Fatal!).
  • Cooldown Reduction – Reduced skill time.
  • Monster Vac – Places all monsters in one place on the map (After activating it, don’t deactivate, as the GC will crash!).
  • Unlimited Pet Skill – Pet releases skills without cooldown.
  • Autokill – Upon entering the room, all monsters die.
  • Item Spawn – Drops all items from the first stage level – Important! Activate with Autokill! (Tutorial below).
  • Stage Hack – Can go straight to the boss (Tutorial Below).
  • Rank SS Hack – Rank SS automatically in all stages (Rank SS gives 15% more EXP).
  • Time Freeze (15m) – Increases and freezes the mission time.
  • Speed Hack x10 – Mission time passes faster.
Grand Chase Classic Cheat Table – Functions Tutorial
  • Item Spawn: Before entering a level, activate both Item Spawn and Autokill. Then, enter the level normally, and all items in the level will be on the ground. You can pick them up and get off the map with them immediately.
    Note: Even after picking them up, they remain visually on the ground. it’s just a visual bug. You can exit the level normally and receive all your items.
  • Stage Hack
    • Change the hack value to one of the values below.
    • Check the function box.
    • Create a room in the mission of your choice.
    • You will automatically be transferred to the last boss.

Grand Chase Classic Cheat Bypass – How to use ?

  1. Open Bypass
  2. Open Grand chase classic until server list screen
  3. Click on bypass button
  4. Open cheat engine and enjoy

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