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GTA 5 Atom Mod Menu

DETECTED Free Best GTA 5 Hack

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: 0x0cD0

GTA 5 Atom Mod Menu is one of the best free GTA 5 mod menus you can find out there. You can use it in single player and as well as in GTA Online. Besides, this mode menu also has tons of features including very safe money options, unlocks, RP changes. In addition weapon and vehicle mods.

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How to setup GTA 5 Atom Mod Menu
  1. Download GTA 5 Atom Mod Menu down below.
  2. Extract the .rar file wherever on your computer
  3. Start  GTA 5
  4. Go into GTA Online (Which is up to you, you can also use the mod menu in singleplayer as well)
  5. Run Atom.exe
  6. Then click on Get Key to get your free key for the mod menu
  7. Enter your key in the field, it will inject itself
  8. Enjoy the cheat!
  • Press the on your numpad or F8 to open the menu
  • Use Numpad 4 or left arrow key to navigate to left
  • Numpad 6 or right arrow key to navigate to right
  • Numpad 8 or upper arrow key to scroll up
  • And Numpad 2 or lower arrow key to scroll down through the menu
  • Enter or Numpad 5 will select
  • Numpad 0 or Backspace will go back
Best Features
  • Revovery options: safe money methods, rank changer, unlocks, max skills and edit stats
  • Griefing: Crash, kick, cage, burn, blame and more
  • Protections
  • Weapon mods and vehicle spawner
  • And so much MORE…

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Developer Note

We have different safe money options, rank changers and unlocks. Play the game with the stats you’ve always wanted.


The Atom menu has the best Free menu protections against other modders, to make sure that you can play without any disruptions. It also contains numerous data and stat spoofing options to hide yourself properly.

Session Control

You will get notified when a modder is joining your session, or someone is trying to type something clever in the chat. You can turn on notifications for various events, to be always up to date and ready to fight back.

Language support

Our menu supports loading of custom language files, you can find already translated ones in our Discord server, or you can make your own by editing the sample file.


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