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GTA 5 Online Pulsive Mod Menu

UNDETECTED GTA 5 Online Pulsive Mod Menu v1.1

 Last Version: 29/10/2022

 Developers: 0x0CD0

GTA 5 Online Pulsive Mod Menu is one of the best Hacks and Mod Menus for GTA 5 and GTA Online with many features like Recovery and Online

With the insane amount of cheat features that this Free to Download Mod Menu has, you can pretty much do anything that you can imagine. From spawning modded vehicles to the amazing recovery options to change your stats, get infinite amounts of money and RP, this mod menu has it all.

How to Use GTA 5 Online Pulsive Mod Menu

Downloading, installing and using the GTA 5 Online Pulsive Mod Menu is actually fairly easy. Although if you are new to modding, following these simple steps I prepared for you might help you out.

  1. First of all, download the mod menu by clicking on the red download button at the bottom of the page
  2. After the download prcoess has finished, extract the GTA 5 Online Pulsive Mod Menu’s files from the RAR archive and paste them into a directory / folder of your choice on your device.
  3. Start GTA 5 via Steam, Epic Games or Rockstar Games Launcher
  4. Navigate to the directory where you extracted the files
  5. Run the Pulsive.exe
  6. Generate a key, if necessary
  7. Enjoy & have fun!

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Features of GTA 5 Online Pulsive Mod Menu

  • Simple and smooth user interface
  • A varity of troll options
  • Unique self options

Online Mod Menu – Q&A

How can I get / generate a key?

You can get a key by Pressing “Generate” in the pulsive launcher, After that you will be redirected to a Linkvertise link, follow the steps without using a Linkvertise bypasser, this will cause it to send you to the wrong link. Once you have completed the steps you will be redirected to a page with a key. Copy this key and paste it in the Pulsive Launcher. Then click ‘Redeem Key’

Why is Pulsive not injecting ?

Try to turn off your Antivirus program, After that it should work. If it still does not work, check other third party software is not blocking it.

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  1. 1

    this is the new version ?

  1. 187868

    Menu has been down for like a year now on there discord

  2. 185740

    keeps crashing after I grief players

  3. 185442

    Don’t bother, It requires you do download a chrome extension that steals your info every time you need to log in, just use kiddons

  4. 184891

    Don’t waste your time getting it, it says it’s detected in the launcher.

    cheatermad be giving us the upmost undetected cheats what a load of sh*t

    • 68189

      I understand the frustration but keep in mind that the cheat got detected after we added it to the website. The dev of this cheat is active and updates it oftenly so even if it gets detected again in the future an update will probably come along. If you don’t trust this cheat feel free to use any other from our gta section: https://cheatermad.com/gta-v-cheats/

  5. 68189

    Works surprisingly well. Good job

  6. 184361

    how do i even use this it gives me a weird ass file with a bunch of random shit in it…

  7. 184027

    hiç oynamadım
    denemek lazım

  8. 183304

    soooo this is safe?

  9. 169510

    i got banned for using this 3 months ago btw

  10. 183193

    won’t let me create a key

  11. 20261

    the key gen redirects me to worklink and for some reason when i click on the step things nothing happens

  12. 166489

    New Version is out 🙂 Pulsive 0.2.0

  13. 12973

    i needs to update

  14. 167005

    what are the buttons for the menu

  15. 166489

    New version is out. The auto sales function for $ 1 million has been added again. Can you please post it here?

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