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GTA 5 – Free Crespo Menu v3.7 – GTA V Online 1.60

UNDETECTED Free Crespo Menu

 Last Version: 25/06/2022

 Developers: Crespo#5796

Hello dear cheatermad members. I will show you how to do GTA V – Free Crespo Menu in this article. It is not very difficult to cheat with GTA 5 alias GTA V. However, most of the cheats you perform have stopped updating or banned them. That’s when Crespo Menu gets involved.

Crespo Mod Menu Current version  is an Undetected FREE Grand Theft Auto Mod Menu for the current 1.60 Update and can be used to cheat yourself Money and RP or activate god mode!

free crespo menu v3

GTA V – Free Crespo Menu

1.Extract Files
2.Start GTA5 in story mode
3.Run ” Crespo_Launcher_v2.exe.”
4.Click on “Get Key” to get a Key (FOR CHEATERMAD MEMBERS Gk14-pAh2-9H2j-1Jn3-745S-kah3 )
5.When you got your key put it License Key and click ” Login.”
6.Click ” Download,” wait for files download when it says Done, and Click ” Inject.”
7.Open Key [ F4 ] or [ Ins ]
8.Fun and Enjoy!

ChangeLog for Crespo ModMenu v3.7:

  • Added – Explode v2 Player (Player List)
  • Added – Icons Menu
  • Fixed – Player List – You can Story Mode worked.
  • Removed – Themes options “padlock” (Settings).
  • Removed – Recovery [Enable] “padlock” (Settings).