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Kiddion’s Modest Menu v.0.9.6 – Updated for Online 1.63

UNDETECTED Kiddion's Modest Menu - Best Free GTA 5 Mod Menu

 Last Version: 27/10/2022

 Developers: Kiddion

Kiddion’s Modest Menu – Best Free GTA 5 Mod Menu

Kiddion’s Modest Menu is an external mod menu for GTA 5 and GTA Online. This is the best free mod menu you can find out there since it’s fully external. As you probably know almost 90% of the GTA Mod Menus are fully internal making them very vulnerable to GTA’s anti cheat system. But most of the external mod menus for GTA Online cannot be detected and auto banned. But do note that single features such as recovery methods can be detected. That’s why the money drop option has been removed from the menu in the latest version. But you can still use other methods to earn some easy money in GTA Online.

kiddion's modest menu

Is Kiddion’s Modest Menu detected?

No it is not. It is undetected and it will most likely stay that way in the future. The reason behind why Kiddion’s is such a popular menu and not detected is that it is completely external. Unlike internal mod menus, external mod menus do not inject themselves into processes. They do not read GTA’s memory and interfere with it, making them very unlikely and almost impossible to detect. But like I mentioned above, this does not mean that you cannot get banned. It simply means that you won’t be banned when you open the menu but single features can still be detected therefore get your account banned.

How Can I Make Money With Kiddion’s Modest Menu in GTA Online?

Before it got detected, there was a casino method in the menu. This feature let you win every single spin in the slot machines in the The Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA Online. Like this method, some other methods got patched as well, including money dropping. Money dropping is extremely dangerous at the moment, and you should not do it with any menu! But luckily Kiddion’s still has a way to earn money…

There is the bunker method which fills your bunker will supplies and then you can sell them. I cannot guarantee you that this method undetected but it seems like this is the only safe working method in Kiddion’s. While using this you should not abuse it and earn millions in a day as overdoing it can get you banned as well.

kiddion's modest menu

How to Install Kiddion’s Modest Menu?

  1. Download the rar archive which contains the mod menu itself. You can start the download process by clicking on the red download button at the bottom of this post
  2. Extract the files using an archive extractor of your choice. I recommend WINRAR or 7zip
  3. Start GTA, go into an online lobby [optional] and set your game to borderless windowed or windowed mode
  4. Start the menu by double clicking on the “modest-menu.exe”. If it doesn’t work, run it as an admin
  5. Navigate through the menu and use it with the hotkeys mentioned down below
  6. Enjoy 🙂

Hotkeys to Use Kiddion’s Modest Menu

  • F5 – show/hide menu.
  • Num 0 to go back,
  • Num 8 and Num 2 for up/down.
  • Num 4 and Num 6 to decrease/increase values.
  • Num 5 to activate.

Kiddion's Modest Menu Changelog

Kiddion’s Modest Menu | Changelog

Kiddion’s Modest Menu v0.9.2

  • [Player] Remove visual damage when healing player
  • [Vehicle] Fix Buffalo STX / Champion vehicle class
  • [Vehicle] Add Front Wheel Drive Bias, Front Wheel Brake Bias, Initial Drive Max Flat Vel, Steering Lock and
  • Front Wheel Traction Bias to handling sub menu.
  • [Vehicle] Unify vehicle menu godmode and toggle hotkey function
  • [Vehicle] Add Vehicle door lock control
  • [Weapon] Add some missing weapon names
  • [Weapon] Remove Explosive/Fire Ammo and Explosive Melee (PLEASE only use Super Jump in SP)
  • [World] Add Remove CCTVs option
  • [Single Player] Make Single Player menu public
  • [Services] Clean up Lucky Wheel options
  • [Services] Add DeliverAvisa, DeliverResupplies, DeliverSeaSparrow
  • [Services] Add BigMap toggle for online
  • [Services] Add OutOfsight toggle
  • [Services] Fix LoseBounty typo
  • [Online Spawn] Fix customized color handling in SaveVehicle
  • [Online Spawn] Support sub folders for saved custom vehicle items (Use “/” in name for sub folders)
  • [Online Spawn] Fix bug parsing custom secondary vehicle colors
  • [Teleports] Add some missing blips
  • [Teleports] Support sub folders for saved custom teleport (Use “/” in name for sub folders)
  • [Protections] Improve AC protection
  • [Protections] Add/separate Forced Camera protection
  • [Protections] Add more Script event crashes
  • [Protections] Fix bug parsing Online Protections from config.json
  • [Scripting] Add Submenu class in Lua to support submenu’s
  • [Scripting] Add clear method to menu and submenu in Lua to remove all menu items
  • [Scripting] Add Lua Array menu item and bare item
  • [Scripting] Add tons of new vehicle, player and weapon options to the Lua API.
  • [Scripting] Add get_string/set_string methods for globals and script instances in Lua
  • [Scripting] Add OnPlayerStateChanged callback event for Lua
  • [Settings] Add action button to enable Lua debug (print) console
  • Add game version check to protect against stupid questions about outdated versions (mostly off site)

FAQ for Kiddion’s Modest Menu

Is kiddions mod menu safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe and secure to download and install on your PC. It was developed by Kiddion. It is widely accepted as a safe mod among many other GTA 5 players.

Why does my browser block it when I try to download it?

Well, not all browsers may flag it as a virus, but some will flag it as a virus due to the nature of mods. Normally, Those Antivirus companies would not make these types of software safe unless the publisher pays a huge amount of money to them

Is the mod undetectable?

So far it has been undetectable on GTA 5, therefore you can enjoy kiddions mod menu without having second thoughts

Can I get reported by other players?

Yes, there is a possibility if you are using god mode and teleport function around the players.

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    broken features as of 12-16-2021 patch

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    hello, I open it as administrator but it tells me that something is blocking access to gta 5, I deactivated the antivirus, but it didn’t work either, I hope there is another solution.

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    yea i cant access my menu

  18. 58428

    when im in game the menu doesnt work. it wont go up or down, i can only toggle it

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    its asking me for a password when i try to extract and open it on winrar, how do i resolve this?

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    this meny is so good, its not to grif people or that stuf its just to inprove your owne play time. (:

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    Why the latest version of the reader does not work 

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