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Gunfire Reborn Hack 2023 (Infinite Ammo, Aimbot) RedJET

UNDETECTED Gunfire Reborn Hack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: astron51

Hello dear cheatermad members, today I’m here with you with an amazing Gunfire Reborn Hack with exploits, aimbot and so much more. The features of this hack are so great that it it impossible to lose while using this hack.

Gunfire Reborn Hack Aimbot

Gunfire Reborn Hack Aimbot will automatically aim on to enemies like on their bodies or heads. This is a very popular feature among cheaters since it give the player a huge advantage to win the game. Aimbot hack is an indispensable feature that an FPS game hack has to have because the point of FPS games are to aim at the enemy and shoot them before they do the same to you.

In most situtations it guarantees for you to win the game because will be aiming directly on the enemy and you can shoot them before they can even react. But other players will notice that you are hacking if you are using the aimbot hack very aggressively.

Gunfire Reborn Hack – Infinite Ammo

The infite ammo feature will grant you an infinite amount of ammunation so that you never run out of ammo when you are in a heated fight against the enemy players. This feature can save you the round if you know how to use and take advantage of it properly. You want to use this feature to be ahead of the enemy and engage them when they are out of ammo and exploit their weaknesses. This is a very underrated in my opinion because I find it very easy to use and run out of all the ammo, so for me this feature is necessary and a lifesaver.

Gunfire Reborn Hack – Weapon Accuracy Hack

Weapon accuracy is one of the most import criteria in FPS games. If you do not have a good weapon accuracy, you will always have a hard time hitting the enemey, you will always miss and if the enemy has a better weapon accuracy than you, he will definitely defeat you.

This means that having a good weapon accuracy is nothing to ignore if you are not using any hacks. But with this hack you do not have to worry at all about the way you hande your weapon accuracy because this hack will do it for you. So, even if you have terrible aim and weapon accuracy with this hack you can forget about it and easily defeat your enemies without having to think about controlling your accuracy constantly.

Features of Gunfire Reborn Hack 

  • Aimbot with visibility check
  • Infinite ammo and no weapon reload
  • Explosive Radius and Dame (You must be the host of the lobby for this hack to work in the game)
  • Weapon Accuracy

Instructions on How to Install Gunfire Reborn Hack

  1. Download the hack by clicking on the red download button at the end of this post
  2. Extract the hack from the .rar archive by using a .rar application of your choice (I personally recommend 7zip or WINRAR) (.rar extraction password: cheatermad.com)
  3. Download an injector suitable for you that you can find the injectors section on our website
  4. Start Gunfire Reborn
  5. Inject Gunfire Reborn Hack .dll file into the game with the injector (Make sure that you are in the main lobby of the game while you are doing so, otherwise the game might crash or the hack might not work)
  6. Use the hotkeys down below to use the menu of the hack
  7. Enjoy and have fun 🙂


  • Insert Key- Toggle the Menu of the hack
  • Hold Left Control Key – Activate Aimbot
Screenshot of Gunfire Reborn Hack Menu

download gunfire reborn hack

Developer Note

Spent some time to create a proper Visible check and Accurate Aimbot

Unlimited Bullet & No Reload
Explosive Radius and Damage (Host Needed)
Weapon Accuracy

Inject at main menu.

Insert – Toggle Menu
L-Ctrl – Hold to Aim with Aimbot

About Gunfire Reborn

Gunfire Reborn is a rogue-lite shooter video game. Players control heroes with different abilities and use randomly dropped weapons to adventure in randomly-generated levels. Each restart leads to a brand-new experience with different hero talents, weapons, items, checkpoints, and levels, leading to a different experience each run. Players can play solo or in online co-op with up to three other players.

Gunfire Reborn released in Steam Early Access in May 2020 and is currently set to fully release later in the year. The new hero Qing Yan was added into the game in August 2020. In October 2020, Gunfire Reborn had sold over 1 million copies. In January 2021, the latest hero Lei Luo was introduced.

Updated Note:

Works as always, appreciate the update!

I have a couple of feature requests:

  • FOV and distance priority option for aimbot. Right now, on higher difficulties if you’re backed into a corner with lots of enemies in close proximity, you might end up getting killed because the aimbot decides to aim at an enemy from further away. Sure, it could be argued that one could just not use the aimbot during such moments, but I’m just saying it would generally be a big improvement.
  • Velocity prediction, because most weapons aren’t hitscan. I believe different enemies do have different movement speeds so this might be a bit of a complication. An alternative would be to somehow implement instant bullet travel, effectively making all weapons hitscan.
  • Silent aim or fix the aimbot currently being vertically weird in the vertical plane in relative to your height. In other words, right now the aimbot doesn’t visually lock onto enemies if you jump around, seems vexing.
  • Hitbox selection. Due to the above, I cant tell if the aimbot is opting for chest or head hitbox, because somtimes you have to jump at the right height for the aimbot to hit the head hitbox.

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  1. 35991

    omg, the game is updated again, and there are some problems with weapon fire rate hack ,when I use a weapon with a fast rate of fire, it will slow down and I need to adjust it every time. hope you can add a disable option when you have time. thanks for your great work

  1. 39877

    amazing aimbot, I check here every day, can you update it

  2. 38136

    Which injector i can use? Can I just have a name for this working please.

  3. 36543

    time to update ur cheat brother, i am waiting for u

  4. 35991

    omg, the game is updated again, and there are some problems with weapon fire rate hack ,when I use a weapon with a fast rate of fire, it will slow down and I need to adjust it every time. hope you can add a disable option when you have time. thanks for your great work

  5. 34990

    the game has been updated, does this need to be updated?

  6. 32965

    My game keeps crashing, is this still available? or I used the wrong injector, can you recommend one? thanks.

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