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GUNS UP Multihack Cheat v1.0 (+ Source)

UNDETECTED GUNS UP Multihack Cheat v1.0 (+ Source)

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: 4865636B6572

GUNS UP Multihack Cheat is a great open source hack with many extremely overpowered features and keybinds such as infinite XP and more

GUNS UP! It is a free side-scrolling strategy game that allows players to fight against each other in battle and destroy the enemy’s base to increase the strength of their army. GUNS UP! combines the fun of enemy base invasion with tower defense to bring a unique experience. And how do you absolutely double that unique and fun experince? Obviously by using cheats to get the upper hand at every single round.

GUNS UP Multihack Cheat Features

  • M = Add munitions
  • S = Add specials of every working type
  • (A bit laggy when first adding the specials, very OP and obvious hack)
  • P = Add 1337 Points
  • X = Add 1337 XP
  • T = Time Scale set to 0.5f
  • Y = Time Scale set to 1f
  • G = Grab all Pickups

How to Use GUNS UP Multihack Cheat

  1. Scroll down ahead and start downloading the GUNS UP Multihack Cheat
  2. Extract the DLL file from the archive that it comes in
  3. Download the Sharpmono Injector that you can find on our website
  4. Start GUNS UP! via Steam
  5. Run the Sharpmono Injector, select the DLL and inject it using these settings:Namespace: GunsUpHeck
    Class name: Injector
    Method name: Inject

How to build the source files of GUNS UP Multihack Cheat:

  1. Open the project file with visual studio
  2. If references are missing add them from the games managed folder
  3. Select release and build the project

Developer Notes

Hi I just finished my multi hack for this game.

I heavily suggest you modify the source files to your liking, this is not a nice fancy hack, just the bare minimum to make it work, use it as a base for your own hack if you want

Currently the hack only works when you go to war, I had a lot of problems trying to implement headquarters hacks. Instead I simply used the developers own console commands and added key presses to them to activate the commands. Good thinking developers, nice work, makes it very easy to hack this part of your game.

Sony is the company, but I have no idea who actually created this game.

There is one major issue with this hack.

This is because I could not figure out how to add levels directly.

If you add too many XP or Points in the PvP gamemode, you will be stuck leveling up for a while, you won’t actually gain any levels unless you only add less than the maximum amount of points per game which I believe is 10,000. If you add all specials, they count as points at the end game if unused, so be careful with using this feature.

Also you won’t gain reward munitions unless you are in bot CPU war, in this gamemode you can add as many points or munitions you want, and the game saves it to your account and to the leaderboards.

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