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Honkai Star Rail Trainer [Free Cheat Table 7.2]

UNDETECTED Honkai Star Rail Trainer

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: sianz

If you like using Cheat Engine cheats, this free Honkai Star Rail Trainer is for you. You must have Cheat Engine version 7.2 to use this Honkai Star Rail hack. Star Rail is one of the first hacks available on Honkai, and you can get it for free by downloading it from this link. Those players who desire to use the game’s secret features but still play in accordance with the rules will benefit greatly from a reduced number of cheat functions.

If you use this free Honkai Star Rail cheat, you will be able to activate a variety of additional functions, such as SpeedHack, which will allow you to travel around the map more quickly, as well as Auto Battle and a number of other capabilities.

honkai star rail trainer

I’m going to give you one of the most useful free hacks on Honkai, and it’s called Star Rail. You can get it from our website. This is a legitimate Honkai Star Rail Trainer that has a limited amount of functions, straightforward control via the graphical user interface (GUI), a launcher of its own, and a bypass.

All that is required of you is to download the cheat, start it up, and adjust the settings for the cheat functions. You will be able to configure a wide variety of functionalities, such as SpeedHack, NoClip, Peeking, AutoBattle, and FpsUnlock, amongst many more.

How to use Honkai Star Rail Trainer:

The instructions below are pretty easy, Please use cheat engine version 7.2 or above.

  1. Auto inject the bypass to StarRail.exe
  2. Open cheat engine 7.2 and attach StarRail.exe in process list
  3. Open my table Honkai Star Rail Trainer
  4. Enjoy

Features of Honkai Star Rail Free Cheat Table

  • Enemy No Aggro
  • Walking Speed
  • Force Auto Battle
  • Battle Speed
  • Dialog/Scene/World Speed
  • Peeking
  • Unlock FPS

List of Free Honkai Star Rail Cheats and Hacks

If you need Free Honkai Star Rail Cheats and Hacks that you can run more easily, browse our category on our website. or see the list of popular Honkai Star Rail Cheats below.


  • 5.7.2023:
    – First release
  • 5.8.2023:
    – Add camera mode
    – Add unlimited zoom out
    – Player Coordinate XYZ
    – Player Data Info
  • 5.9.2023:
    – Improve movement speed script, now is working for both walking & sprinting
    – Readjust speed of Dialog/Scene/World from 10 to 5 to make it less detected
    – Remove hotkey for auto battle
    – Add teleport (still buggy)
  • 6.8.2023:
    – Updated to v.1.1
    – Dialog/Scene/Battle Speedhack removed because it causes 2010 error
  • 6.9.2023:
    – Fixed bypass
    – Re-added Dialog/Scene Speed (do not use it in battle!)

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