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Inertia Client Installer ViaVersion

UNDETECTED Inertia Client Installer ViaVersion

 Last Version: 19/05/2021

 Developers: IKnowImEZ, Many more...

Inertia Client Installer ViaVersion

Is one of the biggest cheats, that is being used on anarchy servers
Inertia Client started 201, at first the client was named “WWE Client” and was very pouplar, then the franchise WWE started legal action against the client, and they needed to change their name.
But the client got just better over the years, they added slowly many features which can beat many of the best paid clients.
Inertia supports 1.12.2, 1.13.2, 1.14.4, 1.15.2, 1.16.5 also with the addition of ViaVersion, so you can connect to virtually any server. We strive to bring you the best content we can.
Feature suggestions you can make here issue-github.

The cheat has many features and is combined with the best feature from different clients.

Small note if you join their discord, don’t ask for help with baritone feature, they don’t support it [and you are going to get banned], for help with the baritone feature visit the github of cabaletta/baritone.
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Inertia Client Installer ViaVersion

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  1. 28016

    btw whats the point if freinds

  1. 70776

    When im in the first file what do i do?

  2. 49692

    does this work with 1.17

  3. 28869

    how do u open it?

  4. 28016

    btw whats the point if freinds

  5. 28016

    nice client but i turned hud off not knowing what it meant and now i cant use client you should make a button for hud because even deleting and reninstalling doesnt work so now its a 1/10

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