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Jailbreak Script Gui | Get Weapons, Full Auto, Fly & More

UNDETECTED Jailbreak Script Gui

 Last Version: 10/02/2023

 Developers: Kuri

Now experiencing the Jailbreak Script Gui. It possess all settings in game. Full Auto, Get Weapons, Fly, No Recoil , No Spread, WalkSpeed, JumpPower and many more, the full list of which you can see in the screenshot above.

Take your game to a whole new level with this brand new script. With this script you will reach the top of leaderboards easily. There is no need to buy a new account or play long-hours to get weapons.

Breaking out of prison Roblox offers all you need to have a good time with your friends, wherever they may be. You and your friends will love playing this robbery and police game where criminals attempt to escape from jails and police stop or catch them engaging in risky behavior while incarcerated.

An escape from jail is required in the role-playing game Jailbreak. They can easily plan a robbery, prevent criminals from fleeing, tour the city, and even think up new strategies to play while evading the police.

Jailbreak is one of my favorite Roblox games. Below, we’ve provided some fantastic scripts for jailbreak, one of the top Roblox games. All of them function well; I’ve tried them all. Every day, each script on our website is tested individually. These scripts are ready to make you unbeatable in the game and offer fantastic features!

Features Of Jailbreak Script Gui:

  • Get Weapons
  • Full Auto
  • Fly
  • Autofarm
  • And More

How to Use Jailbreak Script Gui:

  1. First, copy your Script below.
  2. You need an  Roblox Exploits to run the the Roblox Hacks.
  3. Open the Jailbreak game and then open your exploit. Paste your copied script into your exploit.
  4. Press the attach/inject button on your exploit.
  5. After injecting, click the Attach/execute button on your exploit.
  6. Don’t forget to enjoy the game and recommend it to your friends


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