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Jump Race Script: Roblox ToraIsMe Gui (Auto Race Train & Golden Pets)

UNDETECTED Jump Race Script

 Last Version: 06/02/2024

 Developers: ToraScript

Take your place in the dynamic world of Roblox and participate in exciting races! In the Jump Race game, make your races even more fun with a script powered by Jump Race Script. This amazing script gives you all the necessary tools to dominate the races and help you earn gold pets.

A Brief Introduction About Jump Race

Jump Race is a popular racing game on the Roblox platform. Players try to get first place by moving quickly and smartly on courses full of various obstacles. However, some obstacles may be more challenging than others, and that’s where Jump Race Script comes into play.

Features of ToraIsMe Gui Script:

  • Auto Race: Participate in races automatically and leave your competitors behind.
  • Auto Train: Automatically train your character and improve your skills.
  • Rewards & Spins: Earn rewards and spins and get more benefits.
  • Auto Hatch: Hatch your eggs automatically and get new pets.
  • Craft All: Automatically craft all materials and craft new equipment.

jump race script

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How to run Jump Race Script

  1. Open the Jump Race in Roblox.
  2. Paste your ToraIsMe Hub into your Executor.
  3. Good games over!


Jump Race Script allows you to excel in the Jump Race game and earn golden pets. Thanks to this roblox script full of features such as Auto Race, Auto Train, Rewards & Spins, Auto Hatch, Craft All, you can make your races more efficient and earn more rewards.

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