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Kamidere CSGO Hack | Aimbot & Wallhack


 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Jonic & BigGucciDumper

Kamidere CSGO Hack is a legit CS:GO hack with an aimbot for CSGO and a wallhack for CSGO. You can customize it yourself and upload your own config files or just use the basic configs that come with the cheat. It comes with a great looking GUI and will even display an ESP / Wallhack preview next to the menu which makes setting options way easier compared to other Cheats for CSGO.

Cheat on CSGO is getting more and more popular nowadays, especially because CSGO is one of the most famous and played FPS Game on this time. As a pro player or just a pro cheater there are so many reasons why you should choose our cheats. Kamidere CSGO hack is mostly a legit CSGO cheat, with a solid working aimbot, wallhack and esp included. Generally functional and the best thing about it is that it looks great, which is something that unfortunately cannot be said for every hack out there.

kamidere csgo hack 1

Kamidere CSGO Hack | Features

  • Combat (your usual aimbot settings, including triggerbot)
  • Players (esp, chams and anything else related to enemy vision)
  • World (visual settings for the map around you)
  • Misc (other features such as bhop, auto strafe, etc.)
  • Grief (features that make it easier for you to grief your game, don’t do it tho xD)
  • Skins (your good ol’ skin and knife changer)
  • Configs (all your customized, downloaded, self-made settings)
  • Style (settings for the looks of the cheat)
  • ConVars

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  1. 29367

    Not working, I just get two errors saying “Shit”.

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