Krunker Cheat Loader

krunker cheat loader

 Last Version: 27/11/2021

 Developers: The Gaming Gurus

Krunker Cheat Loader

The Gaming Gurus has developed a Krunker Cheat Loader containg the 4 most popular Krunker cheats (Sploit, Dogeware, Skidfest, Junker), always up to date. It has been decided to publish this cheat loader exclusively on CheaterMAD site users, only on CheaterMAD site. We express our endless thanks to the developers and continue to follow them.

Make sure to follow installation steps 4-7 if you're having issues running this cheat.

Installation :

  1. Install Tampermonkey
  2. Disable all userscripts because they will interfere with this loader
  3. Download the userscript (Scroll down)
  4. Go to Tampermonkey Dashboard
  5. Click on settings
  6. Change Config mode to Advanced
  7. Change Inject Mode to Instant
  8. Open Krunker

Usage :

  1. Open Krunker Settings
  2. Click the Cheats tab, you will see a cheat selector
  3. Choose your cheat flavour
  4. Allow the page to reload
  5. Join the MAD discord Server :
  6. Join The Gaming Gurus Discord Server :



Only logged in users can download cheat.


  1. it works it’s probably the launch here is how you fix it go to tempamonkey dashboard then press settings you see config mode change it to advance scroll all the way down until you see inject mode change it to instant what this will do is
    it will instantly load the cheat while is loading then if you don’t see the icon go to settings in you will see chats change the cheat to anything you want then reload the page it might auto reload the page and it’s fixed also i suggest using dogware on the cheat options

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