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Legit cheat getlucky

OUTDATED featured

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Pitudovsky

Great hack AimFall on CSGO which is suitable for both Amateurs and experienced hackers. Cheat is still raw and so there may be problems in the work, bugs and crashes, but the author claims that every next update will fix these errors. Hack AimFall working and completely free, you do not need anywhere to register or look for the injector to run it, everything is prepared and you just have to run this cheat and enjoy the easy frags.

According to the functions, the hack is mainly configured for a quiet game, that is, you can use it both for games on official servers and for games on classic public servers. You can also set it up for the game and try your luck on the servers for cheaters. Again, the main functions are LegitBot and RageBot with the ability to configure through the hack menu, which is called on the INSERT key. Full features and functions of the hack you can see under the spoiler below this entry.  FUNCTIONS 

-Aimbot FOV (0-50)
-Aimbot Smooth (0-20)
-Aim hitbox (nearst,head,neck,body, throax, chest)
-Draw FOV
-Ignore walls
-RCS (Recoil Control System)
-RCS X (0-100)
-RCS Y (0-100)
-RCS based FOV
-RCS shot delay
-Kill delay
-Triggerbot key
-Triggerbot Delay (0-100ms)
-Triggerbot Hitchance (0-100%)
-Triggerbot Hitbox (head,body,misc)
-Triggerbot/aimbot ignore team
-Triggerbot/aimbot smoke check
-Triggerbot/aimbot flash check
-Aimbot FOV (0-180)
-Anti-Aim pitch (emotion,down,up,zero)
-Anti-Aim yaw (backwards,spinbot,lowerbody,freestanding)
-Anti-Aim desync
-Auto Zeus // nie działa
-Auto Scope
-Auto Crouch
-Auto Stop
-Hitchance (0-100)
-Minimum Damage (0-100)
-Baim after x shoots (0-10)
-Hitscan (head,neck,chest,stomach,pelvis,arms,legs,foot)
-Target selection (nearst,health)
-Multipoint (head,neck,chest,stomach,pelvis,arms,legs,foot)
-Fakelag (0-16)
-Slowwalk (0-100)
-Slowwalk key
-Ignore Team
-Visible Only
-ItemESP distance
-Danger Zone all items ESP
-Dropped Weapons
-Planted C4
-Spread crosshair
-Custom Crosshair
-No Visual Recoil
-No flash
-Remove Scope
-Thirdperson key
-Cheat watermark
-Esp Color changer (chams,esp,team,enemy,visible,unvisible)
-Skin changer
-Fast Duck
-Cheat clantag
-Spectactor list
-Fov Changer
-Force in scope


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