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LITEMACRO : Free PUBG Macro SevenHelper [Steam Version]

UNDETECTED Free PUBG Macro SevenHelper

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: maj0r & Sevenhelper

Free PUBG Macro SevenHelper

Hello everyone CheaterMAD Members! I am happy to present you my new Free PUBG Macro SevenHelper project! I have previously submitted my HVH CSGO Cheat Saphire Project to this website and received very positive feedback, but I regret to say that we have terminated the Saphire project and added the open source code to my github account.

I will regularly update my free Macro Project, which I developed for Pubg steam version running on the application called Sevenhelper, on this website. I have a pubg account of about 30 hours and your time
I spent it all with my Sevenhelper project and you have a 1% chance of getting banned.

free pubg macro sevenhelper

In Free PUBG Macro SevenHelper package you can see this macros:

  • Veryhighacc.lua – Good for VVS
  • Highacc.lua – Good for M416, AKM, Vector and etc
  • Midacc.lua – Good for SCAR, UMP and etc
  • Lowacc.lua – Good for P90 and etc
  • Disablemac.lua – Need to off the macro

This is legit macros, they made only for make recoil easier.


Before using Free PUBG Macro SevenHelper Project You should read the Documentation on our Discord server!
– Discord server : https://discord.gg/nF7JADnhve –
– SevenHelper Web : https://7helpers.com/ –
– And goodluck havefun! –

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  1. 184680

    i tried to try the parameters but i can’t get my mind on your program, i have to press once alt +f1 many times or just once, i don’t see any effect, i tried but no hit within 1 range like your picture

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