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Longvinter External Cheat

UNDETECTED Longvinter External Cheat

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: WhytePuma#7811

Longvinter External Cheat is a cheat for the newly released indie game Longvinter which you play in a singplayer mode as well with your friends and other players in an online gamemode. With its tons of features, you can always have the superpowers in the game that you have always dreamed of.

On top of that the support of the online gamemode support that the Longvinter External Cheat provides, you download the cheat from our website and you can always use this cheat while playing Longvinter with your friends and family as well, meaning that you can pretty much have everything you want and have fun while doing so as well!

longvinter external cheat

Longvinter External Cheat | Features

Fishing Modifier

  • NO Fishing Cooldown – If you startle the fish with the enabled you can fish again right away
  • Instant Fishing-Instant Fish Bites
  • Floating Fish-Fishing zones appear more clearer
  • Enable/Disable Ghost Fishing Rod- Fish without a rod in your inventory
  • Modify Fishing This works as an ITEM SPAWNER- Choose the Item/Fish you catch **MESSAGE ME ON DISCORD TO ENABLE THIS FEATURE** WhytePuma#7811


  • Max Damage
  • Max Fire Rate
  • Don’t Use Ammo
  • No Spread
  • Ghost Weapon
  • Ghost Ammo
    ***Message me on discord to enable these features**** WhytePuma#7811


  • Change Color of Name

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  1. 186838

    I am the creator of this cheat . Do not download from this site , Cheat is detected and you will be banned. Please message me on Discord WhytePuma#7811 for updated method .

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