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LumberHill Trainer

UNDETECTED LumberHill Trainer

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: wh0am15533

LumberHill Trainer ,Highly suggest using a gamepad.

LumberHill Trainer Game About:


Lumberjacks Against Absolute Chaos
Even your ax, call your crew and iron your shirt! You will need the best teamwork skills as nature will come across you as a whole. In this chaos-ridden race against time, you must chop wood and herd animals into their pens. It may seem easy, but there are meteors, dinosaurs and nature itself trying to stop you. To be successful, you must race against time, find unusual paths on the map, work as a team and most importantly… be ready for anything!

Traveling Through Time and Space
As long as there are trees, there is work for lumberjacks. Get ready for an incredible journey that will transport you to the most unexpected periods and parts of the world and beyond! You’ll be able to explore new environments with unique activities and mechanics as you progress and encounter animals, big and small, petite and hot-tempered, which you’ll choose to hide behind bushes to snuggle or escape. Along the way, you’ll also unlock tons of fun content and new skins to take crazy screenshots LumberHill Trainer.



Working install of either Doorstop or BepInEx, or your favorite injector..


  • If using Doorstop – Place file anywhere and specify it in the Doorstop.ini
  • If using BepInEx (Recommended) – Place the Trainer dll within the ‘BepInExplugins’ folder.
  • Create it if it doesn’t exist.
  • If using Standalone Injector, place file anywhere and within your chosen injector specify the following:

Namespace: Trainer
Class: TrainerLoader
Method: Init
Discord: Click Here
Injectors: Click Here

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