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MadInjector v2 – Vac Safe CS:GO Cheat Injector

UNDETECTED MadInjector v2

 Last Version: 28/01/2022

 Developers: ZeroBytez & CheaterMAD

I am very pleased to introduce you to my CS:GO Cheat Injector. MadInjector, CS:GO Injector is based on the Custom Injector in MadLoader. Some might wonder why I will run the Injector outside of MadLoader as well. This is because not all people want a CS:GO Loader and don’t need so many functions. The Injector is currently undetected and has a simple design.

  • -Special and safety load library injection
  • -Repair files method
  • -Software Updater (Automatic)
  • -Open Source


  • -Turn off any antivirus on your computer
  • -Extract the file
  • -Start the “MadInjectr Setup.exe” as administrator
  • -Install the MadInjectr
  • -After setup, you can start the MadInjector

How to Use MadInjector :

  1. – Turn off any antivirus on your computer
  2. – Start CSGO
  3. – Click on [Choose File] and choose your file (cheat.dll)
  4. – Wait until the initialization is successful
  5. – Click on [Inject]
  6. – Enjoy!


Winrar Password: 123

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Comments (14)

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  1. 750

    Your dll is probably outdated.

  1. 122071

    after i use setup wizard i dont see the file, can someone tell me why or something?

  2. 109610

    its not working, i inject the cheat and it doesnt open. what do i press to open?

  3. 105890

    hello ? What is active key ?

  4. 84821

    when i inject a file i cant click back onto csgo do you know a fix

  5. 30742

    this injector supporting another games?

  6. 30742

    its support a roblox? others games?

  7. 19881

    archive corromped :/

    please fix

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