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MadInjector – Vac Safe CS:GO Cheat Injector v3.1

OUTDATED MadInjector

 Last Version: 01/01/2023

 Developers: ZeroBytez

I am very pleased to introduce you to my CS:GO Cheat Injector. MadInjector, CS:GO Injector is based on the Custom Injector in MadLoader. Some might wonder why I will run the Injector outside of MadLoader as well. This is because not all people want a CS:GO Loader and don’t need so many functions. The Injector is currently undetected and has a simple design.

About MadInjector – Vac Safe CS:GO Cheat Injector

It gives me great pleasure to present the MadInjector version 3 to you. The injection security provided by MadInjector has already remained unnoticed since June 2020 and is continuing to grow. MadInjector is a provider of this service. Because it has its own unique LoadLibrary method, it is also compatible with all CS:GO hacks. In addition to that, it provides a VAC-ByPass as well as an automated software updater. The Custom Injector seen in MadLoader served as the inspiration for our Best CSGO Injector.

madinjector - vac safe cs:go cheat injector

It’s possible that some people may be confused as to why I plan to use the Injector in addition to MadLoader. This is due to the fact that not everyone wants a CSGO Loader and does not require as many features as others. The Injector is currently invisible to detection and has a straightforward layout.

  • Special and safety load library injection
  • Repair files method
  • Software Updater (Automatic)
  • Open Source

How to Use MadInjector :

  1. Turn off any antivirus on your computer
  2. Start CSGO
  3. Click on [Choose File] and choose your file (cheat.dll)
  4. Wait until the initialization is successful
  5. Click on [Inject]
  6. Enjoy!

MadInjector New Update v3.1:

-Fixed Minor Bugs
-Added Wait for process Setting
-Improved Stability
-Improved Process Selection Scroll Bar

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  1. 183506

    truly the best

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  2. 448154

    update download link

  3. 358601

    outdated download

  4. 202492

    I can’t run the app because it says it needs to be updated first and i already updated it but the app keeps asking for update. Please fix this immediately, admin. Thank you.

  5. 8356

    bro i waited for 2 days. app says update available but when i open the web page it still redirects me to v3.1 which is outdated

  6. 304909

    when i open the program it tells me that there is a new update available. then the program closes and opens the web page with version 3.1 which i have already downloaded 2 times…?

  7. 202492

    I can’t run the app because it says it needs to be updated first.

  8. 183783

    I’ve been trying to use this for DKO, but nothing happens when I inject the .dll. Any help?

  9. 257074

    как скачивать а то перекидует на левые сылки и все что нельзя сделать нормальные ссылки на скачивание

  10. 242513

    Really Cool Injector

  11. 183506

    truly the best

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