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MapleStory Omes AHK Script Cheat Free Download 2021

UNDETECTED MapleStory Omes AHK Script Cheat Free Download 2021

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: petitforet

MapleStory Omes AHK Script Cheat Free Download 2021

MapleStory Omes AHK Script Cheat is an AutoHotKey hack for MapleStory with multiple functions that automate stuff like runes ans potions for you

With this MapleStory AHK Script Cheat, you can just make the actions you do in the game automatically and don’t waste your time with useless stuff like that. And since farming is an important element in MapleStory, using this script will make your life way easier and make it so much more fun to play the game, trust me!

How to Install & Use MapleStory Omes AHK Script Cheat

  1. Download the AHK script which you can find on our website
  2. Extract the files that the archive contains into folder of your choice
  3. Download and install AutoHotKey (AHK) from their official website if you haven’t already: https://www.autohotkey.com/
  4. Start MapleStory
  5. Run the AHK script (as an admin) that you extracted with AutoHotKey
  6. Toggle the menu with F5
  7. Enjoy and stay safe!

MapleStory Omes AHK Script Cheat Features & Functions

  • Start Navigation – will auto move throughout pre-mapped areas.
  • Custom Map – adjusts map borders (left/right).
  • Auto rune – at the moment only gives you a beep to notify you that a rune has spawned on the map.
  • Chat Disconnect – If someone types something in chat, will read the bottom left of your screen and hit the settings/world select option and quit out
  • Movement – Set to single jump, double jump fast, double jump slow, teleport. Teleport requires an input key
  • Auto pot – works 100x better than the pet skill auto pot.
  • Skill spam – Select a key, set a time for it (numbers listed in seconds). Ctrl + click drag will allow you to do decimals.
  • Buff/Long CD – will hold down all movement keys to use that ability.
  • Auto Rune Completion (since it’s a different application that does not directly communicate with the navigation program, will detect a rune and stop spamming skills).
Developer Notes

Needs updating/Fixing:

Navigation – Does not read if the arrows aren’t input correctly (easy fix but figure it out yourself).
Navigation – If auto rune is completed, unless you are on an area of the map that has directions, your character will stand still.
Auto Disconnect – It only presses a specific area (this changes if you have unclaimed rewards or expiring items). Just search for the green color and have the mouse click there.

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