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Minecraft Auto Clicker – VXPR Left/Right

UNDETECTED minecraft auto clicker

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Hype

VPXR Left/Right Auto Clicker For Minecraft/Any Game

Hello everyone! This Auto Clicker is made by me!

It can work for any game, Any game or website game you want for it will work! But Mostly this prefetch and PC client bypass is for Minecraft during screen share. You can make it even more undetected but I’ll leave it to you. You can put this in the middle of a .png or do anything you want.

This Auto Clicker is undetected from any AntiCheats in any Servers for Minecraft. But if you use the too low delay between clicks that will allow you to make a high amount of cps It might be bannable so here are some Undetected Settings: For Minemen.club Hold down delay I recommend using a minimum of 30-40 and a maximum of 50-60. Up delay, You can leave this same as you have to hold down delay but I recommend a minimum of 25-35 and a maximum of 50-65. For Hypixel you can go a little bit lower delay because Hypixels Anticheat isn’t good. I recommend having Held down delay minimum from 20-30 and a Maximum of 20-40. Basically, you can have any settings. You can join the discord and see community settings that people use.

You can also set your own settings. But if you set a too low delay for servers that has good anticheat You might get anti-cheat banned, Other than that it’s undetected.

If you need any help there’s a discord link in Clicker.