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Alpha Clicker – Free Auto Clicker for Minecraft Download 2021

DETECTED Alpha Clicker - Free Auto Clicker for Minecraft Download 2021

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: robiot

Alpha Clicker – Auto Clicker for Minecraft 2021

Alpha Clicker is an Auto Clicker for Minecraft 1.8 and 1.9 PvP combat style. This cheat is free to download and is incredibly easy to install & use.

An Auto Clicker for Minecraft is macro program that automatically clicks for you. This piece of software is helpful while you are PvPing in the online server of Minecraft. It is suitable for the 1.8 as well as the 1.9 (and newer) combat stlye of Minecraft.

What makes this Minecraft Auto Clicker Hack more unique and impressive than other auto clickers for Minecraft is that is a has a quite the modern GUI. On top of that it even comes with a dark mode desing option. Which means that ou can make the design bright or dark based on your preferences.


But that was only the visual advantage of this auto clicker. Most of the auto clickers you find on the internet only (mostly) support the 1.8 combat system of Minecraft. Which means that they are super basic and they just have the function to simply click quickly and literally nothing else. But this one lets you chose the interval between clicks and even randomize them to make your plays look legit (especially if you are recording / streaming with a CPS or a key overlay (hardcore PvP sweaters be like amirite?))

And that is only one of the many options / settings this most advanced Minecraft Auto Clicker has. There more from very this is coming from like changing the Hotkey for example. Scroll down now and download Alpha Clicker for free to experience the incredible options & features this auto clicker has to offer to you.

And if you are not into auto clickers that much and would like to use something more advanced like a Minecraft Hacked Client check out our Minecraft section.

How to Install Alpha Clicker

  1. Download the auto clicker
  2. Extract the .exe file from the .rar archive and paste it into a folder
  3. Start Minecraft
  4. Navigate to the the folder where you extracted the .exe file
  5. Run it
  6. Now you can change settings to your liking
  7. Enjoy and dominate your enemies!

Change Log:

1. Click interval (1.9 suitable for pvp)
2. Click at random intervals
3. A mouse button
4. You can choose one click mode (Single / double)
5. Choose a window theme (Dark / White)
6. Open source code written in C#

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