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Minecraft Huzuni Hack Download 1.8.x

UNDETECTED Minecraft Huzuni Hack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Celil

Minecraft Huzuni Hack Download 1.8.x

Hi guys, do you want to cheat in Minecraft? Minecraft Huzuni Hack Download for free and get ahead of your competitors.
You will find all the features you are looking for in the list below.

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Features Minecraft Huzini Hack :

  • Bright –
  • NameTags – Makes Name Big
  • Nuker –  a Square for You
  • Xray – Shows the Location of Mines
  • Chest ESP – Shows Chests Location
  • ESP – Shows Players Location
  • History
  • Tracer – You See the Players with the help of rope.
  • AntiKnockback – You don’t get knockback (You don’t move when someone hits you)
  • AutoSoup – Drinks Automatic Soup
  • Criticals – Every Hit Is Critical
  • Kill Aura – Strikes for You.
  • Projectile Prediction – I don’t know ?
  • AutoTool – Whichever tool breaks the blog the fastest (Pick, Shovel, etc.)
  • Dolphin – Stands above water.
  • Flight – you fly
  • Freecam – You Follow Others When you turn off the cheat, you will be processed back to your place.
  • NoFall – You don’t fall.
  • Retard mode – Crazy Mode
  • Sneak – Bends for You
  • Speedmine – Breaks Fast
  • Sprint – Runs for You
  • Civbreak – After breaking the block once, it starts breaking automatically.

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