Muck Internal Hack


 Version: 4.0

 Developers: IAmWolfie

Another cheat for Muck, a new popular game! This Muck internal is a cheat. You will need an injector. A working injector for Muck Cheat is available on our website. Let us know your Cheat requests or send popular cheats to SUBMIT CHEAT and contribute to our communityYou can join our Discord server and have a good time with other people.
Don’t forget to thank the developer IAmWolfie.

Features Muck Internal Hack:

  • God mode
  • Infinite stamina
  • Infinite food
  • Item and powerup spawner
  • Destroy all trees
  • Destroy all rocks
  • Destroy all resources
  • Destroy all chests
  • Kill all mobs
  • Activate all shrines
  • Open all chests

How to inject for Muck Hack:

  1. Use SharpMonoInjector (after downloading, it will be archived)
  2. Open it, select Muck and the cheat DLL.
  3. Namespace is MuckInternal, class name is Loader, method name is Init
  4. You must be in game for the items to show in the item spawner
  5. enjoy

Developer Note :
This is Muck Internal Hack. I don’t usually write C#, so excuse any bad practices (and preferably tell me what I’m doing wrong)


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