MultiHack Garrys Mod LUA Executor


 Version: V1.1.7 (x64 only)

 Developers: Gaztoof & carlbb1

MultiHack Garrys Mod LUA Executor

A new free cheat MultiHack Garrys Mod LUA Executor for everyone’s favorite online game Garry’s Mod has been released. The cheat called GMOD-SDK can be downloaded from our website via a direct link, without viruses and annoying ads.
Check that it is the current version. Is this cheat Status UNDETECTED? so you don’t have to worry.

MultiHack Garry’s Mod LUA Executor;To your attention, a multifunctional cheat for the game GMOD from the developer of hacks carlbb1. Many different functions, all the functionality is fully working and is constantly updated by the developer himself. Easy operation and configuration of functions through the menu, which you can open directly during the game.

Among the current features, I would like to highlight: shooting functions, aimbot, triggerbot, visual settings, LUA Executor, additional tools for game management, and much more.

Aimbot MultiHack Garrys Mod
  • Target selection by Distance, Health, and FOV.
  • Hitbox selection (Head, Chest, Stomach)
  • Auto fire
  • Auto wall
  • Silent aim
  • Aim lock
  • Target teammates
  • Target friends
  • Only target friends
  • Minimum damage (not working yet)
  • Only aim in FOV
  • FOV Circle
  • Draw FOV Headlines
    Triggerbot MultiHack Garrys Mod
  • Triggerbot, filter Head, Chest, Stomach
  • Triggerbot fast shoot (mainly for pistols)
    Other MultiHack Garrys Mod
  • No spread(to be worked-on)
  • No recoilAnti-Aim
  • Pitch (Down, Up, Jitter)
  • Yaw(Fast Spin, Slow Spin, Back Jitter, Inverse, Sideways)Visuals
  • ESP
  • Dormant ESP
  • 3D 2D Bounding Box
  • Health
  • Name
  • Weapon Name
  • Ammo (broken)
  • Distance
  • Skeleton (with selectable hands)
  • Entity ESPChams
  • Teammates
  • Enemies
  • Localplayer
  • Ragdolls
  • NPCs
  • WeaponsOther
  • Crosshair
  • Spectator list
  • FOV
  • ViewModel FOVEffects
  • Remove skybox
  • Change world color (for night mode)
  • Remove hands
  • Remove skybox
  • ThirdpersonMiscellaneous
  • Hitmarker
  • Hitmarker sound
  • Quick stop
  • BunnyHop
  • Autostrafe (Legit, Silent, Rage)
  • Message on death (OOC?)
  • Flashlight / use spam
  • Spectator list
  • Free-Cam (that’s an amazing feature)
  • Player whitelist system (so that for exemple you never shoot someone you marked as a friend)
  • Entity whitelist system (for the entity ESP)
  • Config system
  • Lua executor

Change log MultiHack Garrys Mod:
Fixed the present pattern, as steam updated.
Added pattern names, so that it’s precised when findPattern fails.

Fixed/added hitmarkers, sound hitmarkers, death messages.
You won’t be able to shoot/move anymore while in freecam.
Your viewangles will now be restored to what they were before you started free-cam’ing.
Fixed free-cam side movement.
Added localplayer visibility to free-cam.
Added start-up sounds.

Mod LUA Executor

Fixed ESP Ammo
Added fake-lag (WIP)
Improved Anti-Aim
Added proper bSendPacket
Fixed CInput
Added free-cam speed
Added zoom on keybind
Fixed thirdperson, and added anti-aim thirdperson
Added perfect nospread

Fixed teammates detection. So logically aimbot and chams work properly for team now.
Fixed the spectator-list only appearing when the menu was open.
Fixed C_BasePlayer.getMoveType()
Added movetype checks to antiaim, and misc features (such as bunny hop / autostrafe).
Fixed ESP’s SetupBones sometimes crashing
Added labels to point crashing features.

Added silent-strafe.
Added a PaintTraverse hook.
Fixed the mouse cursor stuck in middle of screen while in-game and menu open bug.
Cleaned Autostrafe/Bhop.
Cleaned UseSpam.
Removed every .idb and .dylib from the GitHub repo.

Added crosshair color
Added Toggle FOV
Added friends-only ESP
Fixed bug with lua detour system (not letting you click in menu)
Fixed triggerbot
Made credits transparent
Fixed config names
Added rainbow colors
Fixed ThirdPerson spinning with the AntiAim
Fully fixed the executor
Fixed fake-lag working without being enabled
Added a LUA Detour system (just modify the script in C:\GaztoofScriptHook\Detour and it will be loaded instead of the original one)
Added clean console printing

Mod LUA Executor


Only logged in users can download cheat.


  1. hello I wanted to inform you that the cheat works that in x86-64 - chronium + 64-bit bit binaries you must go to steam go to gmod betas and put it in x86-64 - chronium + 64-bit bit binaries
  2. I have an error with my injector he say : Platform mismatch detected. you are trying to inject a 64-bit DLL into a 32-bit process (hl2.exe) which is not supported. you have a solution for me?

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