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New CSGO Rage Hack | Cryptonic 2.3


 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Tron#1791

I recommend you to use this free New CSGO Rage Hack, which is completely free and will be constantly updated. Has a completely clean menu and is easy to use thanks to its CFG’s.I just want some things cleaned up, this New CSGO Rage Hack is based on Weave v2 and as I said it will get constant updates.

I want to let you know that you may experience
few crashes that im trying to fix for next update.
-If you trying to set up keybind and you get “unk” unload and re inject
-If sliders for indicators are not rendering unload and re inject

Update Features of New CSGO Rage Hack :

  • Menu redesign
  • New Indicators
  • Several Visual changes like ESP, smoke and molly timers, etc…
  • Minor Solver update (needs more work)
  • Steam api added
  • And more ..
  • Stay tuned for more CSGO cheats.

This update hasn’t improved the cheat performants is just simple shit add like
– New smoke and molly timer (shits still needs work just the start)
– Radio [Thanks to K4 for helping my dump ass with this]
– Menu layout (like made AA tab, change locations of the functions ect..)
– New models ( still need to label them )

new csgo rage hack


Gameplay Video



Join Discord Server : Click here

– New menu
– Improved Resolver
– Rage bot Fixed
– Better Scan targets (Now it kills all the players and bots xd)
– And more
**There maybe few bug and maybe unfinished stuff so be aware **
Things to do:
– Remake key bind, spect list and watermark for menu theme
– Redo Esp
– Change/add few visuals


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  1. 1

    Join discord server : https://dsc.gg/madninja

  1. 124586

    Update link pls

  2. 102691

    how to hide the hack?

  3. 96502

    everyone download mad loader for csgo then go to the custom inject then go to the file and click cheat.dll

  4. 95925

    whenever i inject my cheat after the map loading my game just crashes

  5. 93957

    I need help all cheat i downlaod wont work on windows 10 how to fix it 🙁

  6. 93545

    Update the Discord

  7. 19233

    when i enject nothing pops up when i press insert

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