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new csgo rage hack

 Last Version: 14/10/2021

 Developers: Tron#1791

I recommend you to use this free New CSGO Rage Hack, which is completely free and will be constantly updated. Has a completely clean menu and is easy to use thanks to its CFG's.I just want some things cleaned up, this New CSGO Rage Hack is based on Weave v2 and as I said it will get constant updates.

I want to let you know that you may experience
few crashes that im trying to fix for next update.
-If you trying to set up keybind and you get "unk" unload and re inject
-If sliders for indicators are not rendering unload and re inject

Update Features of New CSGO Rage Hack :

  • Menu redesign
  • New Indicators
  • Several Visual changes like ESP, smoke and molly timers, etc…
  • Minor Solver update (needs more work)
  • Steam api added
  • And more ..
  • Stay tuned for more CSGO cheats.

This update hasn't improved the cheat performants is just simple shit add like
– New smoke and molly timer (shits still needs work just the start)
– Radio [Thanks to K4 for helping my dump ass with this]
– Menu layout (like made AA tab, change locations of the functions ect..)
– New models ( still need to label them )

new csgo rage hack


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