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Ninja Legends 2 Roblox Cheat


 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Legend

Ninja Legends 2 Roblox Cheat

Ninja Legends 2 is a Roblox mode in which you can upgrade your character by upgrading their weapons, buying pets, crystals, and improving the strength of the character. In the game, you can travel to a variety of islands, which are opened as the character’s characteristics improve. Also in the place, you can do quests from NPCs on the map. In the place there is pvp, that is, you can engage in battles with other players, but if you harm your opponent, you will lose karma points. You can view the kill statistics in the leaderboard inside the game. Functions: Auto Swing – the character will automatically swing the sword, without the player’s participation. Auto sell – All collected Elements will be automatically sold, even if you are not standing near the point of sale. WalkSpeed – a script that allows you to increase the speed of the character in the game. jumpPower – increases the jump height of the character. Pets – you can use this feature to automatically upgrade your pets. Buy Swords/Crystals/Powers – a script that will automatically improve one thing from the list, for the earned coins. Teleport – fast navigation on the map. How to activate the cheat: To activate the cheat, you need any injector for Roblox.

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