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Nixware.cc – Free CSGO Cheat

OUTDATED Nixware.cc - Free CSGO Cheat

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: t.me/weave_cr4ck

Are you ready to play for free with this Cr4ck CSGO Free Rage and Legit Cheat Nixware.cc?
You will definitely be the god of CSGO thanks to the Rage or Legit features. This cheat contains hundreds of features and helps you to overthrow your opponents like a dome. As CheaterMAD website, we offer you UNIQUE and CS:GO cheats that you will not find anywhere else. Don’t let any game underestimate you, thanks to our wide range of cheat categories that are updated daily!
Cheat contains simple to understand and use, but simultaneously not obvious legit functionality.

Features of Nixware.cc – Free CSGO Cheat:

  • Ragebot : Base functions in synergy with right logic is what makes our ragebot. You can customize ragebot settings as you want to make experience with our cheat even better.
  • AntiHit : Easy setup of antiaims and useful functions will help you in your match to win over opponent team or another cheater.
  • Visual : Customizable ESP and a varity of colored models setup in composition with different other customization functions will change your visal game impression to what you like.
  • SkinChanger : Customizable ESP and a varity of colored models setup in composition with different other customization functions will change your visal game impression to what you like.
  • Lua : With lua scripting any user can add more functions or improve existing without coder intruding. Our forum has plenty of useful lua scripts for any taste.
  • Misc : You can find any other functionality, that you do not found in other tabs here. Also this tab has list of config systems, where you can create, modify or erase any config you want to.
  • and more..

Nixware.cc Features image:

nixware.cc - free csgo cheat

How to use Nixware.cc Free CSGO Cheat

  1. Download csgo hacks from the provided download link.
  2. Rename r5b42fd4.exe to @bat_cr.exe
  3. Run @bat_cr4ck.exe
  4. The key for starting hack in-game is -insert (ins).
  5. Enjoy 🙂

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Comments (113)

Popular Comments
  1. 11929


  1. 325443

    thancks for muci for nix

  2. 57722

    Download link out of date

  3. 212368

    how do i need to fix the nixware.cc crack is there a way for it i kinda miss it cuz only cheat i have to use now is luckycharms which sucks and i miss nixware soooo much bruh 🙁

  4. 188865

    This was such a good cracked cheat please bring this back

  5. 47469

    why its saying apolog.dll failed or smth like that

  6. 191408

    please update now Bloody!!

  7. 191399

    people say that nixware cracks are being made into clients that you have to pay for, does this make the version that this site has unusable?

  8. 7396

    How do i fix Failed to allocate memory

  9. 187830

    any good free luas?

  10. 189834

    this is very hot

  11. 187016

    The link when i download it isnt working.

  12. 189646

    giving some error

  13. 189145

    Can this be rotated?

  14. 189145


  15. 188865

    update: works you just gotta reinstall for updates

  16. 188865

    keeps crashing but was working good
    I’ll reinstall and keep you all updated if this is outdated

  17. 188734

    why it is crashing only for me before and after update am i missing some things

  18. 188731

    where to put cfg???

    • 68189

      Where do I put cfgs?
      > On your csgo files.

      How to find them?
      > Open Steam > Go to the library > Right Click CS:GO > Manage > Browse Local Files > and find the Nix folder.

  19. 187830

    obs bypass not work

    • 68189

      OBS bypass will probably not be fixed. You shouldn’t use Nixware for legit cheating anyways, there is no need for an OBS bypass.

  20. 187830

    obs bypass still not work

  21. 188411

    You guys should add auto buy no cap

    • 68189

      We are not the developers of the cheat and since this is a cracked version we can only pray that the original devs over at https://nixware.cc/ will add one. Although I think it’s highly unlikely that they will.

  22. 188378

    и потом простокогда я поменял на @bat_crack у меня просто вылетела кс

  23. 188378

    у меня просто выскачила цетапшик

  24. 118219

    obs bypass does not work

    • 68189

      Yes we are aware of that but unfortunately we can’t do anything about it. We can only wait for the Nixware team to fix it.

  25. 188042

    Vac ban the moment u use it

  26. 183777

    Looks nice but bt the comments not so much

    • 68189

      It is working just fine. Most of the comments are from a long time ago and the recent ones (that are bad) were posted because they had an older version / there was no new version available. I recommend giving it a try.

  27. 47469

    too many miss

  28. 187492

    [-] Failed to allocate memory x(

  29. 47469

    its saying that im retard and do not remove credits wtf

  30. 187394

    What dose memory not allocated mean

  31. 187374

    It’s not working anymore it crashes.

    • 68189

      It still works just fine. Make sure you have the latest version. If it actually isn’t working then an update will come soon.

  32. 187282

    I can’t click any thing in CSGO but I can click the hack

  33. 11280

    Where cfg location?

  34. 119025

    how to use????

  35. 186915

    it inject but crash when join match pls update

  36. 186891

    crashing even if i launch game after loader

  37. 186826

    The anti aim is bugged i can t walk on bh why please help

  38. 186824

    its crash everytime i try to launch
    in game

  39. 186824

    crashing everytime i try to launch
    in game

  40. 184741

    Where are my cfg folder?

  41. 184741

    how i can bind the Legit aimbot?

    • 68189

      If there isn’t a bind option next to the aimbot then you can’t. Keep in mind that Nixware.cc is mainly an HvH / Rage cheat so the legit features might be lacking a bit.

  42. 87977

    youtu.be/0w7g-rXhG9g goofy raging video on this cheat

  43. 186745

    crashing , and i opened first the .exe

  44. 185859

    hvh is funnnnnnnnnnnn

  45. 185859

    fun when it works

  46. 25465

    The file you are trying to download is no longer available
    This could be due to the following reasons:
    The file has been removed as it violated our Terms of Service.
    Invalid URL – the link you are trying to access does not exist.
    The file has been deleted by the user.

    Change the link please . Thx for ur work have a nice day 🙂

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