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Only Up Trainer Hack | No Clip, Jump Hack & More

UNDETECTED Only Up Trainer Hack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Cachonda

Only Up Trainer Hack is a simple to use, free Cheat Engine cheat table to give you an edge towards other players and break world records!

Only Up is a 3D platformer game in which you must ascend to the top of a vast planet full of discoveries and puzzles. You play as Jackie, a young teenager who wants to get out of poverty and learn about the world and himself. The game has no save points, so every jump and step counts. You can also slow down time and change your speed to make your movements more precise.

But what if you want to explore the game in a different way? What if you want to break the rules and see what’s beyond the clouds? What if you want to have some fun and experiment with the game mechanics? That’s where Only Up Trainer Hack comes in.

Only Up Trainer Hack Features

Only Up Trainer Hack is a cheat tool that allows you to modify the game in various ways. With Only Up Trainer Hack, you can:

  • Enable no clip mode, which lets you fly through walls and objects
  • Activate infinite jumps, which lets you jump as many times as you want in the air
  • Adjust jump multiplier, which lets you change how high and far you can jump
  • And more!

With these features, you can explore the game world without any limitations. You can reach places that are normally inaccessible, discover hidden secrets, or just enjoy the view from above. You can also challenge yourself by trying to beat the game with different settings, or create your own levels by placing objects in the air.

only up trainer hack

Only Up Trainer Hack is not a malicious tool that harms the game or other players. It is an ethical hack that only affects your own game experience. It is meant for educational purposes only, and not for cheating or gaining an unfair advantage. You should use it responsibly and respect the game developers and their work.

How to Use the Only Up Trainer Hack

  1. To use Only Up Trainer Hack, you need to download it from a reliable source like us, and make sure have Cheat Engine installed as well
  2. Then, you need to launch Only Up
  3. Open the .CT (cheat table) file using Cheat Engine
  4. Attach CE to the game’s process by clicking on the monitor icon on the top-left hand corner of the Cheat Engine window
  5. Use the keybinds to active the features
  6. Enjoy!


  • NoClip (NumpPad 6)
  • Infinite jumps (middle button)
  • Jump Multipler (NumPad 1)


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