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Orion Cheat for Roblox (Ninja Legends 2)


 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: mrojes

Ninja Legends 2 is a unique Roblox game mode that offers character and weapon upgrades. In it, you can buy crystals and pets, which affect the strength of the game character. At the moment, there are not many working cheats for this mode, but we managed to find one – Orion. It is fully functional, free and has many useful features.

Orion Roblox (Ninja Legends 2) Features

  • Auto Swing – automatic swing of the sword;
  • Auto sell – collected items are sold automatically (it is not necessary to cost near the point of sale);
  • WalkSpeed – increase the speed of movement of the character;
  • JumpPower – high jump;
  • Pets – automatic pet upgrade;
  • Buy Swords / Crystals / Powers – automatic upgrade for coins;
  • Teleport – fast navigation on the map (teleport).


  1. Download and unpack the cheat archive;
  2. Start the game;
  3. Run any working injector (search here );
  4. Select the game process and dll cheat;
  5. Inject it;
  6. Return to Roblox;
  7. In the menu that appears, activate the necessary hacks.

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    erm helped i stuck at the pass word can anyone tell the pass word

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