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PasterX Free Fortnite Cheat External – ESP, Aimbot 2023

USE AT OWN RISK PasterX Free Fortnite Cheat

 Last Version: 04/02/2023

 Developers: Mokobake

There is a PasterX Free Fortnite Cheat External known as Soft Aim that has a lot of users and is incredibly popular. As you probably already know, the hack costs money. However, as a result of a disagreement that occurred recently between the two creators of the Soft Aim Fortnite hack, one of them made the decision to publish the hack’s source code.

As you may already know, Fortnite has been played by a lot of hackers recently. Many players in the game are hacking, and utilizing things like ESP, Aimbot, and No Recoil. I am back with another awesome PasterX Free Fortnite Cheat External.

Features PasterX Free Fortnite Cheat:

In recent times, it has gotten significantly more challenging to compete successfully against other players in the game Fortnite. As promised, I am here today with the most recent and finest free hack for Fortnite.

pasterx free fortnite cheat

  • Aimbot
  • Enable FOV
  • Aimbot Circle FOV 25-1500
  • Aimbot Square FOV 25-1500
  • Player Render 20-500
  • Aimbot Bone (head,neck,chest,pelvis)
  • Visuals
  • Enable ESP
  • 2D Cornered Box
  • 2D Normal Box
  • Filled Box
  • Misc
  • Spinbot

How to use PasterX Free Fortnite Cheat

One of our developer just got their hands on the code for X_ , and here we are once more traveling along the same path. He is one of the most well-known programmers working on Fortnite hack and Fortnite Spoofer, and he has been giving out all of these hacks for free.

  1. Download PasterX Free Fortnite Cheat
  2. Load drivers by dragging the .sys onto kdmapper
  3. Open PasterX Pasted bc that is the Free Fortnite Hack
  4. Be nice and use 1 smoothness
  5. And use square fov not


  • HotKey: DEL or Insert/INS

Download PasterX Free Fortnite Cheat External

Are you sick and tired of failing over and over again? Your playing style will change as a result of using this hack. The game Fortnite is not an easy one to play. There are a few players with a high level of expertise who control the lobby. Therefore, if you want to win, you should make use of our Free Fortnite Cheats and Hacks. You may download it by clicking the button down below.

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  1. 197538

    there is no kd mapper and says the driver is deleted is there a fix?

  2. 309483

    jakby działa ale nie działa

  3. 301447

    i can’t drag the .sys into kdmapper

  4. 287250

    where do you download it

  5. 281658

    una porongola

  6. 110043

    it says SLL key wrong what i do

  7. 90535

    after starting it says installing and instant closes someone know fix ?

  8. 15388

    don’t work any more, u just get kicked out of the game

  9. 37169

    … doesnt work lol

  10. 46091

    cheat is really good, but it might crash ur game sometimes. u get banned after 2-3 games so i would play on an alt

  11. 55193

    just before landing he kicks me out of the game, what do I do?

  12. 55477

    i get removed from the match instantly lol

  13. 51787

    Fornite saying the found a cheat program dang it

  14. 16483

    my thing says cant connect to the server

  15. 35808


  16. 39486

    when i open it says “SSL connection error”

  17. 8235

    pretty sure it inject but the menue doesnt pop up when i press INS

  18. 26015

    Yo it aint working for me, how to fix it?

  19. 11315

    wow this is great it is amazing but the aimbot would tilt more to silet aim and the inculded spoofer is great

  20. 33300

    It works, but is pretty risky without protection

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