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Payday 3 Unlock All Hack | Cheat of Perks for Payday 3

UNDETECTED Payday 3 Unlock All Hack

 Last Version: 16/12/2023

 Developers: IceCurtain

Good news! You are at the right place to get this free Payday 3 Unlock All Hacks because; Unlocks all perks in Payday 3! It doesn’t give skill points, but we’re pretty sure it’ll please you, have fun! By using this Payday 3 Cheat Tool you can get all the amazing skins at no cost.

How to use Payday 3 Unlock All Hack;

  1. Download the UnlockPerks.rar file from the download button below.
  2. Extract the archive to the folder. If it asks for a password, it is 123.
  3. Add startoption -fileopenlog in steam or epic
  4. Create folder called ~mods in PAYDAY3\PAYDAY3\Content\Paks
  5. Put UnlockPerks.pak file in so called folder
  6. Profit the Payday 3 Unlock All Hack!

How to use Unlock All Attachments;

The file unlocks all attachments for every gun (you still need to pay for them). Aswell as this, shotguns now fire 50 pellets per shot. You can take out the mod after putting on the attachments, they will stay on.

To install:

  1. Download the AllAttachments.rar file from the download button below.
  2. Extract the archive to the folder. If it asks for a password, it is 123.
  3. Add “-fileopenlog” to the launch options in your game launcher,
  4. Make a new folder called “~mods” in the “…\PAYDAY3\PAYDAY3\Content\Paks” directory,
  5. Unzip the file and put the AllAttachments.pak file in there,
  6. Enjoy!

Payday 3 Hack Unlock All Weapons

Payday 3 includes a huge variety of weaponry that players will be able to acquire as they go, and you may soon be wondering which are the greatest guns. But it is something you can worry about later.

payday 3 unlock all hack

If you’re new to the Payday 3 game, you may be wondering which weapons are accessible to you and which ones you can acquire. This All Weapons to Payday 3 Unlock All Hack will offer you with a comprehensive list of all the game’s basic, overkill, and preset weaponry.

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Payday 3 currently has 17 Base Weapons, 2 Overkill Weapons, and 14 Preset Weapons available to players. That should be more than enough to satisfy your hunger. Although it may take some time to unlock them, you will have something to look forward to.

Here are all of the game’s basic weapons:

Car-4 – Unlocked by default

Signature 40 – Unlocked by default

Reinfeld 880 – Unlocked at Level 2

J&M Castigo 44 – Unlocked at Level 10

SA A144 – Unlocked at Level 15

FIK PC9 – Unlocked at Level 18

Northwest B-9 – Unlocked at Level 21

Stryk 7 – Unlocked at Level 25

Ziv Commando – Unlocked at Level 29

KU-59 – Unlocked at Level 35

SP Model 11 – Unlocked at Level 38

Mosconi 12 Classic – Unlocked at Level 43

Reinfeld 900S – Unlocked at Level 53

Signature 403 – Unlocked at Level 59

SG Compact 7 – Unlocked at Level 65

Sforza Bison – Unlocked at Level 70

VF-7S – Unlocked at Level 77

All Overkill Weapons

The following are the two Overkill weapons that are presently available in Payday 3;

  • Marcom Mamba MGL
  • HET-5 Red Fox – Unlocked at Level 40

All Preset Weapons in Payday 3

The following are all of the preset weapons that players will be able to acquire in the game;

  • CAR-4 “Old Faithful”
  • Ziv Commando “Quick Murder” – Unlocked at Level 7
  • R900S “Thunder Scythe” – Unlocked at Level 26
  • VF-7S “Featherlight” – Unlocked at Level 40
  • A114 “Sentinel” – Unlocked at Level 49
  • Castigo 44 “Tin Hammer” – Unlocked at Level 60
  • S40 “Square Off” – Unlocked at Level 67
  • SP M11 “Hard Cough” – Unlocked at Level 86
  • R880 “Porch King” – Unlocked at Level 93
  • CAR-4 “Monument” – Unlocked at Level 100
  • KU-59 “Ruthless” – Unlocked at Level 110
  • Stryk 7 “Hard Liquid” – Unlocked at Level 125
  • Bison “Long Rager” – Unlocked at Level 136
  • Mosconi 12C “The Poacher” – Unlocked at Level 150

Note: Don’t be responsible for your bans by using Payday 3 Unlock All Hacks! This Website is just a venue provider created to bring developers and Members together!

About Game of Payday 3:

Payday 3 is a first-person shooter game published by Deep Silver and developed by Starbreeze Studios. It is the third edition in the Payday video game series and the sequel to Payday 2. The game debuted on September 21, 2023.

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 for you!

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