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Permanent Spoofing Method Valorant, FiveM, Warzone Games

OUTDATED Permanent Spoofing Method

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: keshiweshi

The Valorant Permanent spoofing method is currently undetected and safe to use (i use it on my main account)

Requirements for Permanent Spoofing Method:

  • Brain
  • A bit of windows knowlege
  • Knows how to boot BIOS

The Permanent spoofing method is currently tested only on PC and not on laptop so status on laptop is unknown.

How to get permanent unbanned on valorant?

1 • Downgrade your windows to a old version like Windows 10 1909 (

2 • When your windows is downgraded open 4u4play cleaner (1buttonBETA4-22.exe(CURRENTLY OPEN SOURCE IS MADE WITH BATCH)
3 • When your cleaner is done reboot your pc and open MadSpoofer.exe and
FLASH your bios.
4 • You can now play valorant like before without getting banned.


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Comments (41)

Popular Comments
  1. 189566

    can you update? first time i used it when you published, it was working nice, played for 4 days and i had no problem but then i got banned because valorant update and now i can’t play

  2. 24946

    I keep getting banned after 2-3 days with this method can you help me?

    • 88183

      u sure you did everything rght like for me it´s working perfectly for 3 days i think you did something wrong or forgot one step like flashing the bios or downgrade your windows

      • 24946

        nah I downgraded to 1903 I used 4u4’s cleaner made sure all my hwids were changed but I still got banned after 3 days I only spoofed because I was originally false banned I’m pretty sure something like SteelSeries gg used a hook on the game and they detected it as a cheater previously but now nothing is installed but valorant and I’m getting banned after 3 days however I have recently realized for some reason no spoofer permanently changes my diskdrive serial numbers (not volume ids) and my memorychip serial number

  3. 63581

    4u4play cleaner is not needed
    just use revo uninstaller to uninstall val

  4. 5308

    Hi guys, My friends trolled me and I got HWID on Valo so wait 4 months or insta spoofer?

  5. 187043

    hello, I have one question in my mind, let’s say we have downloaded this version and we are banned again, will it be fixed if we repeat them?

  6. 187013

    where do i download the 1buttonBETA4-22.exe?

  7. 187005

    where can i find the spoofer mentioned in this text? : ”When your windows is downgraded open 4u4play cleaner (1buttonBETA4-22.exe) (CURRENTLY OPEN SOURCE IS MADE WITH BATCH)”

    please reply anyone

  8. 179508

    How can i get rid of the activate windows water mark?

  9. 163319

    I’m experiencing a lot of fps drops, what is the solution?

  10. 44946

    does it works in other games like fortnite ?

  11. 123391

    because i tried spoofing with your spoofers they dont work

  12. 172428

    after you do it do you upgrade windows again or just stay in that version?

  13. 186864

    If I’m correct it doesn’t support Dell, hp, etc and needs a ami motherboard

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