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Phasmophobia Hack MultiCheat – PhasVersus v1.3.1

UNDETECTED Phasmophobia Hack MultiCheat

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: waffleishis

A great free Phasmophobia Hack MultiCheat with which you can dominate, show your superiority to friends and much more. A large number of features in the game Phasmophobia hack thanks to a free cheat from the developer Crassmaker. In the future, the developer will add Troll functions and other features that you can use to control the game.

Features of Phasmophobia Hack MultiCheat;

  • Simple Box ESP
  • Bone/OuijaBoard/FuseBox ESP
  • Player ESP
  • (could never test the player ESP code,
  • just copied from my ghost one.
  • If you find bugs or have suggestions,
  • please let me know.)
  • Fullbright Mode
  • Basic Ghost Informations (Ghost Name/Type/State, responds to)
  • Revealed Evidence
  • Own Sanity
  • Active and completed Missions
  • Console Window for Logging (From Melonloader)
  • Ghost actions: Hunt/Idle/Appear/Disappear/Interact
  • Add/Remove XP/Money
  • Close/Open all exit or room doors
  • Lock/Unlock all exit or room doors
  • Change player name
  • Troll hotkey toggle
  • Random light use
  • All lights On/Off
  • Blinking lights


Insert | Delete | Right Ctrl: Open GUI
↑ key: Toggle ESP
← key: Toggle basic informations
↓ key: Toggle fullbright
H key: Force ghost to hunt
I key: Force ghost to interact with Door/Book/Objects
O key: Force ghost to appear
P key: Force ghost to stop hunting / appearing
L key: Lock all exit doors
U key: Unlock all exit doors

New Update for Phasmophobia Hack MultiCheat;

Woohoo! A versus mod for Phasmophobia

  • Q – Appear
  • R – GhostAbility (idk)
  • H – Hunt
  • P – Knock on doors
  • K – Suicide (Do this at the beginning of the game as ghost)
  • There are still quite a few things that need changing, just wanted to get this out there just because 😛
  • Make sure that the person with the mod on is the host.

How to Use:

  1. Install MelonLoader 0.4.2 to Phasmophobia
  2. Create a Mods folder in your Phasmophobia directory
  3. Add Phasmophobia Hack MultiCheat PhasVersus to the Mods folder, along with your bypass injector mod
  4. Add your bypass to your Phasmophobia root directory
  5. Launch the game through steam and wait for the dumper and unhollower to do it’s thing
  6. Grab some friends
  7. Enjoy!

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    i got banned for saying the server support is terrible XD

  2. 49273

    I need help I tried following the steps but it is not working

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