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Phasmophobia Idxhook Hack 2021

DETECTED Phasmophobia Idxhook Hack 2021

 Last Version: 01/09/2021

 Developers: Suwup

This Phasmophobia Idxhook Hack is currently free and it has features like Become Ghost, Spawn Items, and Skeleton ESP. Most features are listed down below but I could have missed listing some features.

Esp is rendered in ImGui and this phasmophobia hack is coded in c++ using the Il2cpp scaffolding. This means that there is no need for any ac bypass or whatever you would use with something like Melon Loader (cheat even has built-in anti-cheat bypass, not really that it would make any difference but why not).

How to Use Phasmophobia Idxhook Hack:

1. Download the Dll file and inject it when you are in the main menu with an injector.
2. Open and close the menu by pressing INSERT.

Features of Phasmophobia Idxhook Cheat:

Troll/Misc features:

  • Render Ghost,
  • Become Master Client,
  • Become Ghost (Host-Only),
  • Start Hunt (Host-Only),
  • Spawn Items (Host-Only),
  • Field Of View Changer,
  • Teleport Bone,
  • Teleport Ouija


  • Player Esp:
  • Skeleton,
  • Name,
  • Custom Colors

Ghost Esp:

  • 2D corner box
  • 3DBox
  • Skeleton
  • Name
  • Custom Colors

Item Esp:

  • Name
  • Custom Colors

Anti-cheat bypass for file detection, scanning for debuggers + other programs, 250k money limit!

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Winrar Password: 123

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Comments (11)

Popular Comments
  1. 41455

    Crashing when pressing a button ingame.

  1. 97795

    This doesn’t work anymore :c

  2. 61420

    i crash everytime i become the ghost

  3. 44469

    doesnt work anymore bcs new updates just released worked 5 hours ago tho

  4. 41455

    Need an update i think, yesterday worked well

  5. 41455

    Crashing when pressing a button ingame.

  6. 42530

    is the spawning for the ghost supposed to be disabled? if no how can i fix it saying “Ghost spawning currently disabled”

  7. 38039

    each time i inject it it keep crashing

  8. 35538

    whats the password

  9. 21193

    How do I stop being the ghost?

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