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Pixel Gun 3D Free PC Cheat | Aimbot and Triggerbot Hack

UNDETECTED Pixel Gun 3D Free PC Cheat

 Last Version: 10/04/2024

 Developers: SAWOG

This Pixel Gun 3D Free PC Cheat is the first and so far absolutely best hack for the PC version of the classical first person pixel-style like shooter for Android as well as iOS. It offers the only single feature that you need to get better and defeat all your enemies. At the moment, these features include an aimbot as well as a triggerbot.

Pixel Gun 3D Free PC Cheat is a simple open-source Auto Hotkey based hack for PG3D that lets you both automatically aim at the heads of your enemies as well as automatically shoot at them once they are in the view of your crosshair.

Since this free hack is based on AHK, you can simply edit the hack file manually, if you want more capabilities or modifications, but since the cheat also features a config system, you can change the invisible aimbot FOV from config; the more you add on it, the wider it gets, and the less you make it, the smaller the FOV gets. smaller is for precise shots.

So, since you are here, you are probably interested in using this hack. And I am here to tell you that you should absolutely give Pixel Gun 3D Free PC Cheat shot as this is simply the easiest way to get better in the game and defeat your enemies with ease such as aim assist and hopefully more upcoming features like wallhack.

pixel gun 3d free pc cheat

How to Use the Pixel Gun 3D Free PC Cheat

  • Left ALT: TOGGLE BHOP/for space button
  • e:5 cat spa
  • q: rocket jump but you have to jump yourself
  1. Download the Pixel Gun 3D Free PC Cheat  files by clicking on the download button, which you can find right below
  2. Extract all the files into a directory
  3. Download the AHK 1.1 version from AHK’s offical site (MAKE SURE TO GET THIS EXACT VERSION)
  4. Launch the game
  5. Set max FOV and max brightness in-game and 0 mouse acceleration in-game
  6. Open the aim assist hack file as admin
  7. Press F2 while you are in-game and you are good to go


Warnings and Information

  • config is for triggerbot fov change the colvn the more value the more bigger triggerbot the lesser value the lessser triggerbot FOV
  • inside the script, there is aim assist value the more you put the wider it gets so i prefer using 0.7 and the smaller the numbers are it gets smaller

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