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Plutonium Hack for Black Ops 2 | Free ESP Cheat

UNDETECTED Plutonium Hack for Black Ops 2

 Last Version: 09/05/2024

 Developers: EFKMODZ

Plutonium Hack for Black Ops 2 is an undetectable free cheat that has ESP, Aimbot, Custom Crosshair and many more cheat features.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is still a popular game of the amazing Black Ops series of Call of Duty which is a competetitive FPS for consoles and PCs. And when it comes to competitive games, Call of Duty hacking & cheating is a must, because it can be incredibly fun to just dominate your enemies without any effort whatsoever. Especially if you are using aimbot since it makes shooting enemies very easy and obnoxiously fun to play the game. But one has to admit that Black Ops 2 is an old game. And that’s why cheating makes it great to play the game again.

How to Use Plutonium Hack for Black Ops 2

  1. Download the RAR archive that contains the hack’s files
  2. Extract the files from the RAR archive into a folder of your choice
  3. Start Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
  4. Use an injector with manual mapping such as the GH injector with the following settings:
    plutonium hack for black ops 2
  5. Enjoy 🙂

plutonium hack for black ops 2

BO2Z Toolbox

BO2Z Toolbox is designed to be used on the Plutonium version of Black Ops 2 Zombies in lan mode, this tool makes no attempt to bypass or evade anticheat. If you use this tool online, you do at your own risk and most features probably won’t even work. Running BO2 in windowed mode will allow you to use the menu ingame by pressing the menu hotkeys.

Even though in windowed the game still looks like fullscreen. Then press hide hotkey to close the menu. Hotkeys can be changed in settings. This tool is clearly not allowed by plutonium. We take no responsibility if your account gets banned.


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  1. 22148

    bro why is it only esp i feel lied to ngl

  2. 86921

    where can i get the verison u have is there a website

  3. 86921

    works great but only esp and if it not show do windowed fullscreen and 1920×1080

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